· July, 2009

Stories about Bhutan from July, 2009

Bhutan: The Need Of A Rescue Service

  29 July 2009

“The news of seven boys in Chukha was shocking, it was only shocking until I knew they were washed away after hours of hanging on to life and before the eyes of their parents and police and the Dzongda,” informs Passu Diary stressing the need of a rescue service in...

Bhutan: Expensive Chilies

  28 July 2009

Penstar is irked by the skyrocketed price of chilies in Bhutan. The blogger puns: “What is so special about that? The answer is so simple because they are coated with gold!”

Bhutan: Misconceptions of Democracy

  27 July 2009

Freedom in Bhutan comments that: “there seems to be serious flaws on concept and thought about Bhutanese political leadership regarding the democracy and its values.”

Bhutan: Ordinary People Are Losing Homes

  3 July 2009

Passu Diary discusses how the works of the hydro-electric power project at Punatshangchhu (Punakha) River in bhutan has made an impact on the local lives. There are no homes available for rent for the low income ordinary people and the blogger urges “we want our homes back. Please don’t buy...