· August, 2009

Stories about Bhutan from August, 2009

Bhutan: Starting Over in America

  18 August 2009

At Dal Bhat Tarkari photographer and documentary film maker Anya Vaverko writes about her recent documentary about the Bhutanese refugees of cultural repression and their new life in USA as a part of their resettlement efforts. The Documentary is titled “Big Buildings: Starting Over in America” and you can watch...

Bhutan: Boost For The Media

  17 August 2009

Tshering Tobgay, the leader of the opposition in Bhutanese parliament and a blogger, informs about two good news for the Bhutanese journalists: 1) The King has ordered to “strengthen media agencies so that they may carry out their duties, without fear or favour, in the interest of democracy” and 2)...

Bhutan: Ban on Meat Sales, Again

  3 August 2009

The Bhutanese Parliament voted to uphold the ban on sale of meat during auspicious months after a few months of lifting the previous ban. Tongyal opines that: “the public cannot gain much from this decision. Those who want to eat will find a way to get hold of it, no...