· October, 2006

Stories about Bhutan from October, 2006

Voices from South Asia

  26 October 2006

Bangladesh: - What does Bangladesh need now for a better future? Angelmorn has a ten point prescription. - Rifat of Close your eyes and try to see is critic about the noise pollution in Bangladesh, especially using the loudspeakers. - Shafiur of imperfect world | 2006 informs that many of...

South Asia: Bush and the World

  2 October 2006

Or how I learned to stop Worrying on war, Bush, Iraq and the World. “We are where we are because of Mr. Bush’s “order”.We are living today in the chaos of Mr. Bush’s war.”

South Asia Blog Buzz

  2 October 2006

The latest from the South Asian blogs: Bangladesh: - Rehan of Unheard Voices: Drishtipat Group Blog celebrates the religious freedom in Bangladesh. - US expat Yoli Maya Yeh has fabulous pictures of some Bangladesh tourist attractions. - Internationally acclaimed photographer Shahidul Alam muses on the duel of corporate profit versus...