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Kirsten Han is a multi-tasker (writing, blogging, videoing) and social media junkie interested in human rights issues. She also likes to travel, take photographs and – above all else – tell stories.

She blogs at funny little world and tweets as @kixes.

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Singapore: Bus Drivers Participate in “Illegal Strike”

  29 November 2012

About 171 Chinese bus drivers from SMRT – a major public transport provider in Singapore – went on strike to protest the salary discrepancy between Chinese and Malaysian bus drivers working for the company. A government official condemned the action as an 'illegal strike'

Will ‘National Conversation’ Work in Singapore?

  21 October 2012

In an effort to include ordinary Singaporeans in the planning of the nation's future, the government has launched a “national conversation” that will last for about a year to gather people's views. Some residents have welcomed the initiative but others dismissed it as nothing more than a public relations endeavour

Should Singapore ‘Import’ Athletes to Win Olympic Medals?

  10 August 2012

The bronze medal victory of Feng Tianwei, a Chinese-born athlete who represented Singapore in the 2012 London Olympics, has ignited debate whether the Singapore government should exert more effort to develop local talent instead of simply 'recruiting' from other countries.

Singapore: Church Scandal Sparks Dissent

  5 July 2012

Leaders of Singapore's biggest church have been arrested for alleged misuse of funds. The reported luxurious lifestyle of the church founder and his pop singer wife has sparked intense debate amongst critics and church members.

Singapore: Online Portal Found Posting False Information

  26 June 2012

Singapore Press Holding's citizen journalism portal STOMP has found itself in an embarrassing position after it was discovered that a content producer had posed as an anonymous member of the public to submit false news to the site. Here are netizen reactions

Singapore: Netizens Question Newspaper's ‘Charity’ Drive

  5 June 2012

A Singapore newspaper recently announced that it would be auctioning a Volkswagen car for charity. However, Singaporeans were enraged to find that the money raised would not go directly towards low-income families, but towards sponsoring 1-year subscriptions of the newspaper for them instead.

Singapore: Bloggers Analyse Hougang By-Election

  1 June 2012

Singapore bloggers analyze the defeat of the ruling party in the Hougang Constituency by-election. They believe that it reflects the dissatisfaction of many voters over the leadership of the ruling party which has been in power since 1959

Singapore: Importance of the Hougang By-Election

  16 May 2012

For many netizens in Singapore, the Hougang by-election next week is going to test the popularity of the ruling party. National issues like train breakdowns, wage gaps, and migration policies are expected to be discussed in the local campaigning.

Singapore: Train Breakdowns Becoming Part of Life

  20 April 2012

Once a symbol of pride and development, Singapore's Mass Rapid Transit trains now come with a warning: ride at your own risk. Four breakdowns and assorted delays over the past week have left many commuters stranded, late for work and exams. Netizens express this disappointment online

Singapore: If We Launched the Rocket…

  14 April 2012

Following North Korea's reported failure to launch a rocket, a hashtag popped up on Twitter: #ifSingaporelaunchedarocket. Singaporean tweeples used the hashtag to write about their observations of Singaporean culture and foibles.

Singapore: Netizens Criticize ‘Offensive’ Government Ad

  4 March 2012

Singapore netizens are criticizing an advertising recruitment campaign by a government ministry for using posters that label ex-offenders, victims of abuse, and people with disabilities as destroyed, ruined, abandoned, and hopeless. Critics say the posters perpetuate prejudice and discrimination.