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Taiwan: Photos of industrial town

  25 January 2009

Daliao Township in Kaohsiung County has been the site of several poisonous gas leaks in the past two months. The EPA came under fire for its poor handling of the case and a protest by locals turned violent. Shan Ding Lu has a photo essay of the town showing the...

Thailand: Australian writer jailed for lese majeste

  20 January 2009

Australian writer Harry Nicolaides was given a three year prison sentence for lese majeste in Bangkok on Monday. He was charged with the offense of offending the monarchy for a passage in a book he published in 2005 titled Verisimilitude. Only 50 copies of the book were ever printed and...

Taiwan: Cross-Strait viewpoints

  20 January 2009

A-gu translates and summarises the key points of a Strait Exchange Foundation forum. The Far-Eastern Sweet Potato criticises a Bloomberg report on cross-strait security.

Thailand: Rohingya refugee story coverage

  18 January 2009

Bangkok Pundit provides a round up of the story about Rohingya refugees who were allegedly pushed out to sea by the Thai Navy. The story has been reported in detail by BBC News. According to Bangkok Pundit the news was originally broken by the website Phuket Wan.

Taiwan: Lantern Festival traditions explained

  15 January 2009

The Lantern Festival is held on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month (9 February in 2009). Paul Katz at China Beat explains some of the Lantern Festival traditions in Taiwan. He also notes it is making a comeback in parts of China.

Taiwan: Focus on the justice system

  8 January 2009

Taiwan's justice system has constantly been in the news over recent months. The trial of former President Chen Shui-bian has focused people's attention, however it has also sparked broader criticisms of the judicial process and concerns about human rights. Michael Turton analyses several important articles that have appeared in the...