David Reid · August, 2010

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Taiwan: Call for legal community to speak out

  26 August 2010

Lawyer and environmentalist Robin Winkler discusses how Taiwan’s government is gradually eroding  the separation of powers and the rule of law. He calls on those in the legal profession to speak out against this.

Taiwan: Anniversary of Typhoon Morakot

  13 August 2010

Typhoon Morakot hit Taiwan in August 2009. Paul Katz looks at Xiaolin Village (小林村) one year after the disaster. The focus of the people is now on rebuilding their village.

Taiwan: Dolphin surviving after entanglement

  1 August 2010

The Taiwan pink dolphin known as TW-36 was entangled in a rope in September 2008. Save the Taiwan Humpback Dolphins reports the dolphin has recently been sighted again and is free of the entangling rope.