David Reid · November, 2008

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China: Human rights in the spotlight

  27 November 2008

Taiwan bloggers shine a light on some important human rights issues in China. The Far-Eastern Sweet Potato looks at the case of Wo Weihan who has been sentenced to death. Michael Turton looks at Taiwanese connections to Chinese organ harvesting.

Thailand: More lèse majesté charges

  8 November 2008

Bangkok Pundit reports Sulak Sivaraksa was arrested for lèse majesté. Thailand Crisis also writes of lèse majesté charges filed against former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra.

Taiwan: reports of protests in Taipei

  8 November 2008

Insightful and detailed accounts of the 6 November protests by the Far-Eastern Sweet Potato and Michella. The Bala Daily reports on a student protest at the Executive Yuan that was broken up by police.

Thailand: Interview with opposition leader

  4 November 2008

Thai Blogs has a two part interview with Ajarn Nimit Somboonwit of the opposition group, PAD: Part 1 and Part 2. The interview provides some insight into the thinking and motivation of the PAD.

Taiwan: a look at rubbish

  2 November 2008

Shan Ding Lu has compiled a photo essay about rubbish in Taiwan. He looks at how rubbish is collected and often recycled.