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Haiti: Evaluating Kevin Sites Visit

  31 August 2006

Of Kevin Sites’ recent Hot Zones coverage of Haiti, Yon Ayisyen writes (Fr): “His visit helped me realize how narrow and even possibly twisted an image he portrays of the places he visits. He did not go farther than the well established cliches of this country.”

Rwanda: Public Transportation Problems in Kigali

  29 August 2006

From Rwanda, expat blogger Guillaume is worried about the state of public transportation in Kigali now that motorcycles are scarce (Fr): “To my great surprise (I only thought it partially possible), there are no more motos downtown nor on any of the main highways of Kigali since last monday. Secondary...

Reunion: Tamul Celebrations

  29 August 2006

Reunion Passion posts pictures (Fr) of the Malbar firewalking celebration of the Tamul Indian community which constitutes 30% of Reunion's population. The celebrations usually take place in January.

Senegal: Commemorating the Senegalese Riflemen of WWII

  29 August 2006

While Senegal commemorated the Senegalese riflemen who assisted the French in WWII, Senegalese blogger Semett remembered (Fr) their forced labor, involuntary conscription and drew comparisons with the triangular slave trade. He seemed unconvinced with President Wade's sincerity in facing the realities of the riflemen but also that of the youth...

Africans in France: Riots’ First Anniversary

  29 August 2006

Senegalese blogger Semett worries that (Fr) not much has changed for communities of color in France since last year's summer riots: “Despite the temporary emotions, we don't get the impression that anything has changed since. Our brothers and sisters continue to live in unsanitary and dangerous conditions. Whether it is...

Africa: Is the Battle against AIDS Lost?

  23 August 2006

Forum Realisance believes (Fr) former colonial powers and pharmaceutical companies are partially to blame for the AIDS crisis but saves harsher words for Africans and failed African leaders: ” Ignorance and illiteracy reproduce AIDS blindly without the least use for reason. Isn't it sacred and legitimate to protect oneself? Why...

DRC: BanaCongo Rift

  23 August 2006

At UDPS Liege, BanaCongo representatives deplored (Fr) the decision by some BanaCongo members to issue a declaration in the pressure group's name encouraging the Congolese to remain calm during the electoral period. BanaCongo's President Aubin KIKONKI KINGOTOLO says the declaration was prompted by Joseph Kabila's camp and disavows the members...

DRC, Belgium: BanaCongo Demo

  22 August 2006

UDPS Liege posts (Fr) pictures of an August 21 Congolese demonstration in front of European Union offices in Belgium. The demo was called by Bana Congo. The blog adds: “Between two evils, we must choose the lesser. That does not mean that we are for JP BEMBA but we know...

DRC: Runoff to Come

  21 August 2006

The Salon posts (Fr) early election results concluding there will be a runoff between Joseph Kabila and Bemba. The blogger adds: “The Congolese people have voted. Now please let us keep the country in one peace!”

DRC: Louis Michel's Performance as a Mediator

  18 August 2006

According to Ndjoli Bodjenga at Le Blog du Congolais (Fr) European Commissary Louis Michel has performed poorly as a mediator during the transition to elections in the DRC: “An impartial political mediator would not overtly confront one of the principal actors of the conflict to be solved; he would not...

DRC: A Wasted Election?

  18 August 2006

At Le Blog du Congolais, Ndjoli Bodjenga assesses the recent election as follows (Fr): “The posh crowd from the international community (Miche, Okala, Barosso, Swing, etc.) is happy to have organized co-called elections and to have prioritized the participation of the 3 local warlords. (…) Elections that could have made...

Cameroon: No to French Monuments in Africa

  18 August 2006

Le Pangolin posts (Fr) an interview of Mboua Massock, a Cameroonian arrested for protesting the presence in Cameroon of monuments to French colonial personalities. Mr. Massock, who recently appeared in front of a preliminary tribunal to answer to charges of degradation of public property says: “France installed the statue of...

Haiti: Deportees to Be Gradually Reinserted

  17 August 2006

Collectif Haiti de Provence points to a (Fr) Radio Metropole article stating: “The Interior Ministry adopted new measures to better manage the case of Haitians deported [from America] (…) ‘Deportees who have served their prison sentence will not be freed upon arrival in Haiti. They will be kept in a...

Martinique: Reflections on Nudity

  15 August 2006

Le Blog de [Moi] reflects (Fr) on nudity and her taste for it: “Yes I confess, I am a fan of nudity. Not nudism mind you but nudity. When I come home from work, the ritual is the same: long hot shower and afterwards I dress like Eve. I.e. I...

DRC: The East Votes Kabila

  15 August 2006

Of the eastern DRC's 85% vote for Kabila, UDPS Liege writes (Fr): “They are free to make that choice. (…) The eastern DRC opted to align themselves with the Rwandan subject to pillage the Congo and all those who collaborate with him will pay dearly for betraying the people.” The...

Madagascar: Vacationing on the Cheap

  15 August 2006

Madagascar Croissance is looking for a way to vacation in Mahajunga, the “in” vacation spot, on a local's budget in Madagascar (Fr): ” All in all, with 51 euros, one can spend a standard vacation in Majunga (excluding superficial expenses of course) … But unfortunately that sum … represents the...

Guadeloupe: Rotary Club a Link to Anglophone Caribbean

  11 August 2006

Blogger Jean-Claude Halley celebrates (Fr) an impromptu Rotary Club gathering where he discovered the talents of soprano Christelle Gelas, currently a student in Texas. He offers musings on what the Rotary community embodies in Guadeloupe: “the belonging to both the anglophone Caribbean and to metropolitan France.”