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Mali: Presidential Election

  8 May 2007

Mali-based French expat Mali Café deplores [Fr] that the French election eclipsed the Malian one: ” Malians went to the polls a week day for day after the first round of the French presidential election … Amadou Toumani Touré, the incumbent was elected since the first round with more than...

Morocco: Lalla Mimouna Market

France/Maroc à VTT posts [fr] vibrant pictures of the Souk of Lalla Mimouna and writes of the market: “When I was 15, the Souk of Lalla Mimouna took place on Fridays. Today in Morocco, souks are no longer held on Fridays. The Lalla Mimouna market takes place Saturday and is...

Haiti: Bush to Scold Préval?

  4 May 2007

Regarding an upcoming May 9 Préval visit to the White House, Collectif Haiti de Provence writes [Fr]: ”More than a week after a beneficial tour hand in hand with President Hugo Chavez … this meeting with the most powerful man on earth … could look like a call to order...

DRC: UDPS’ Early Report Card for Kabila

  4 May 2007

UDPS Liège posts an interview with Rachel Kabua Atwele, a Belgium-based UDPS sympathizer. She says [Fr]: “Let's not kid ourselves, dictatorship is alive and well. Those who believed in the good faith of Kabila the imposter are already having a hard time: Thérèse Nlandu, Pasteur Kuthino, the coup d'état on...

St. Lucia, Taiwan: Friends Again

  3 May 2007

Says French Caribbean site New Media [Fr]: “Taiwan, through the hand of its Foreign Affairs minister James Huang and his St. Lucian counterpart Rufus Bouquet, has officially signed Wednesday in Castries a treaty reestablishing diplomatic ties between the two countries. China has already stated it feels ‘offended’ by the document.”

Guyane: Strange Fruit

  3 May 2007

En Guyane posts [Fr] pictures of a mangosteen, a local fruit originating from Asia. She calls the fruit “sweet and strange”.

Guadeloupe: Celebrating May Day

  1 May 2007

For French Labor Day, celebrated on May 1st, Convention pour une Nouvelle Guadeloupe writes [Fr]: “We … denounce the social model imposed by French authorities of the left and of the right and we … want a new model rooted in Guadeloupean values and founded mostly on the end of...

Guadeloupe: Let's Vote

  1 May 2007

About the upcoming French presidential second round elections, Guadeloupe Attitude writes [Fr]: “Vote Saturday! Vote well! And let's roll up our sleeves Monday for the challenges that await us!”

Haiti: Happy to Be Home

  1 May 2007

At, Nancy Chapoteau writes [Fr]: “After a couple of days away, I have just returned home. I received a warm welcome … I think the walls sang to celebrate my return. Where else can one be better off than home? … I refuse to believe that it is normal...