Georgia: Allegations made online against billionaire opposition politician

As parliamentary elections approach this year in Georgia, to be followed by a presidential vote in 2013, allegations against Bidzina Ivanishvili, a billionaire opposition politician, have appeared on the Internet. The alleged exposé of life in the Ivanishvili household by American teacher Patrick Downey, formerly employed by the businessman turned politician, have been met with skepticism from other expatriates in the former Soviet republic, and not least because of claims also made against Georgia in general, the U.S., and [his ancestral homeland of] Ireland. Downey had sought asylum or residency in the latter, according to a video blog, “[…] in light of recent uncontrolled and willfully ill-advised policies concerning the mass emigration of non-Irish persons to Ireland […].” Ivanishvili has responded by saying that Downey “is suffering from psychological problems.”


  • Patrick Downey

    I stand by everything which I wrote in my blog, much of which can be supported with evidence and/or testimony of my former French colleagues – should they be willing to speak up. Unless I am mistaken, one already has.

    I have stated this recently, and I shall state it again: If one wants to see a clear cut version of what some would call insanity (I call it a sixteen year-old boy’s ego gone totally out of control at best, demonic possession at worst), simply watch Ivanishvili’s son Bera’s video “Hip-Hop valsi” on Youtube.

    In my defense, I tried to prevent Bera from venturing down this path, which is a dangerous one, but his father seemed totally oblivious to it all i.e. oblivious to how the US Music Industry operates, and what they stand for. I wonder how much US taxpayer dollars Ivanishvili splashed out to have his teenage son prance around, grabbing his crotch, “rapping”, while being worshiped as if he were some kind of sex-god? If the man had any sense, he would have let the boy grow up a little. Maybe go to a music college before embarking on a career in music.

    At any rate, I’ll let my fellow Americans and my Irish cousins make up their own mind as to just who is and who isn’t crazy. Once all the FACTS are in.

  • D C Browne

    In the past (and also on the internet) Patrick Downey made repeated threats on the life of former Irish Presedent Mary McAleese, believing that she was responsible for his asylum application being rejected.

    Mr Downey has also made an appeance on an Irish neo-Nazi webcast brandishing two loaded shotguns. He often contributes to extreme right wing internet forums where he refers to the Irish Minister for Justice as a “devil” due to his Jewish religion.

    Bidzina Ivanishvili’s assertion that Downey suffers from a psychological disorder is, I believe, a charitable one.

  • Daniel Clohessy

    To Mr. Browne,

    Your comment is complete lies. I have seen such nonsense before from people on the internet who try to muddy the water and smear a persons good name, they say all sorts of things that are pure ridiculousness and blatant lies. They do this in the hope that people who read about Mr.Downey and what he has to say, will think Mr. Downey is insane. As they say, throw enough mud and some of it will stick.

    Browne states:
    “In the past (and also on the internet) Patrick Downey made repeated threats on the life of former Irish Presedent Mary McAleese”
    This is nonsense, Mr.Downey expressed his disgust, as I do myself at a supposed representative of my country who blatantly promoted the devastating and damaging immigration policy in Ireland, which now the damaging effects are bearing fruit. Mr.Downey quite rightly expressed his absolute disgust at this person for violating the office of the President to promote her own private desires and agenda. This same woman would not hold a candle-lit vigil for Irish taxi men outside the Presidents Residence, who are committing suicide in large numbers due to the extremely difficult circumstances and inability to provide for their families directly due to foreign especially African taxi drivers they now have to compete with, which in circumstances of strict tight border control, we would not be experiencing this. Mary McAleese promoted and welcomed immigration into Ireland and was ever the promoting voice of such policy. I think you would hear far stronger words of explicit threat from many of Irelands taxi men regarding Mary McAleese, than Mr. Downey ever expressed, and very righteously too.

    Browne states:
    “Mr Downey has also made an appeance on an Irish neo-Nazi webcast brandishing two loaded shotguns.”

    More nonsense. The webcast in question is not a neo-Nazi site. It is home to the DRM, a movement that opposes immigration and indeed the international bankers who are currently overseeing the debt enslavement of Ireland. This site talks about issues which the rest of the world seems to have lost it’s ability and freedom to discuss in a rational way. Banks, immigration, multiculturalism, crime, drug crime, European nationalism, home defence (which is why Mr. Downey showed what Americans are allowed to own- a shotgun, he simply showed one shotgun.)
    In america people are allowed own and talk about guns and weaponry in a healthy way, in Ireland even talking about it means somehow you are bad or evil. For this Mr.Browne to suggest something untoward when an American shows his God given right the means to which he defends himself, a shotgun, is absurd and fearmongering. In light of Mr. Downey stating that he feared for his life, then it is simple logic to make sure you are as well prepared as possible, in America this means being legally able to arm yourself, if I were allowed do the same here in Ireland, I would also be so armed and would be discussing it and having a mature and sensible communication with like minded people. Look on youtube you will fond many many videos of people displaying and talking about their home defence and weaponry. Mr. Browne is doing the usual far-left nonsense of throwing mud and attempting to scandalise and sensationalise everything, and is in fact lying about these issues.

    Mr. Browne states:
    “He often contributes to extreme right wing internet forums where he refers to the Irish Minister for Justice as a “devil” due to his Jewish religion.”

    There are no right wing forums. The forums in questions are in fact about and for the people, they have a socialist outlook and are therefore to all intents in fact left of centre. It is true that the Justice minister Mr. Alan Shatter is Jewish, and is regarded by people who oppose immigration as indeed a devil, not because of his Jewishness, but in fact because of his policies since he took office of further enabling a the ease of immigration into Ireland, while also now taking steps to prevent free debate on events concerning the holocaust. In any truly free society, mature and open debate at least among academics should be able to be facilitated, Shatter is instrumental in taking steps to now shut this down in Ireland. He has implemented the largest steps to opening up Ireland to mass immigration, and as such especially at a time when Ireland is in depression, he is indeed a devil, just as any person whatever their cultural background, would also be a devil.

    This attempt at character assassination by Mr. Browne is the usual fare that nationalists the world over have to experience. When truth is on your side, expect the dirt, vomit and mud to be thrown, especially by those intolerant tyrants who call themselves anti-fascists and anti-racists, these people are the epitome of all they claim to resist. You cannot find a more intolerant, tyrannical, racist group of people.

    Mr.Downey speaks the truth and is being vilified for it.

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