Nigeria: On rebranding Nigeria

Chxta discusses the idea of rebranding Nigeria, “Even those who want to rebuild Nigeria need to learn the most basic of lessons, punctuality.”


  • bashir ajingi

    I concur in sequence to invest on our brood and the youth. its seems like a revolution and is a relaxing point why because our leaders now are..all debauched.
    they only have treacherous ideas and principles that will take us to annihilation. frankly speaking Nigeria has no foundation because if we’d a concrete groundwork i see no reason where-by up to till now, no profound progress. so basically we should have a foundation in every sector. They themselves the leaders should agree with fact that they mission has no footing so as to restart afresh. I believe this the re branding they are talking about and i believe Nigeria will change for the common good.

  • Teejay

    We should employ the Top – Bottom approach.

  • Teez

    we’ve got to learn and unlearn so many things if we are serious about the rebranding…………… should be a collective effort.

  • abigail emma

    i believe if this country has a steady power supply evry othr thing will fall into place…….like;RE-BRANDING

  • kunle ariyo

    the issue of rebranding Nigeria, to my mind, is another way of wasting our money. Take a look at what happened in Ekiti state.the power probe debacle and the state of our social infrastruture. Our leaders should re brand themselves first. otherwise the effots would amount to window dressing

  • Prince

    I hope she doesent think this is NAFDAC, we cannot rebrand Nigeria without the self process of Believe of Nigeria is Our Land.
    Many claim they love Nigeria, but really do you love Nigeria or you are just by chance born here?

    Re barand is an In thing not NAFDAC but in thing, we must be ready for change not change by force.

    Let us have a round table Re brand talk with stake holders, Tourism, Banking, Govement and all the point that guest must meet bofore coming in. We have a problem and believe is do able but is not about who win but who believe in Change.

    Thank you.

  • samuel Nwachukwu

    branding i believe is Gods way of refashioning Nigeria. we have not been branded b4 so no need calling the project re-branding. We must agree that God is still very interested in rebuilding this nation Nigeria, but consequently everyone whether from the ruling class, civil servants, or the common Nigerian (Petty trader) must be careful to note that we all are required to support the branding Nigeria project. branding is simply a clarion call for stewardship on the part of every Nigerian as a watchman. Consequently those who seek to oppose branding whether as part of the leadership or not must be careful lest you be seen as opposing Gods plan to rebuild Nigeria, and that can be disastrous for you. God bless Nigeria.


    Rebranding nigeria: the big question is what actually is on ground that needs to rebranded.There must be a brand before we talk of rebranding. what is our brand in nigeria? wwhen we discover this, then we can rebrand,but when we know our brand we will also discover that it involves both the nigerian people and the nigerian government.

  • samuel Nwachukwu

    Tosin, I have have always said that Nigeria has never been branded b4, to talk of rebranding. However i want to believe that Mr. President and Dora and hoping to rebrand the already entrenched selfcenteredness which no longer gives any room for progress in the country, may be they also want to rebrand excessive materialistic craving of our pple, uncalled competitive spirit, negative ambitiousness of our pple, irresponsibility on the part of the ruling class as well as the public servants. perhaps they are also thinking of addressing the issues of churning out illitrate graduates, political payoffs, sweetheart deals, patronage, divertion of public revenues, cronysim, nepotism and graft.

    If carefully looked at all this neccessitates rebranding if at all we want to be sinbcere to ourself. I trust that all this cases calls for a moral re-orientation dont you think so?

  • Really Dora meant well 4 Nigeria.The problem is others in power like her,they really need the re-branding before any one in the country.When they are re-branded others will follow

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