Nigeria: On rebranding Nigeria

Chxta discusses the idea of rebranding Nigeria, “Even those who want to rebuild Nigeria need to learn the most basic of lessons, punctuality.”


  • The campaign for re-branding Nigeria it see to be metaphorical word that could sound good in the mouth an have good looks on status book but lack merite in on raminification.
    i worder who dora want to rebrand? or who need to rebrand if not those that are in power like her.
    the word rebranding it is what need know campaign know awareness but moral exercise within the politician and others…

  • olamide

    lets rebrand nigeria

  • bashir ajingi

    The weight of this crisis will not determine the destiny of our nation. The answers to our problems don’t lie beyond our reach. It is actually nice to know that our government is worried about the ills of the name “Nigeria”, but those responsible for this sickness are the same people in power.
    However, rebranding nigeria is a timely project put up to deceive us and as well deceive themselves.

  • Femi

    Re-branding is a crucial neccesity for Nigeria because those in power could have deviced a new way to deceive Nigerians but we need to quote them wrong by working toward this goal individually. Take for instance, our country is better than even the God’s own state yet we are being treated like common criminals out there. Let’s support this project because you as an individual can turn around the image for better. If you believe, if you have the courage and the commitment, you will amaze at what you yourself can do.
    Let the neighbour country look up to Nigeria as a Leader.

  • bashir ajingi

    Absolutely.. however, for the neighboring countries;what do Nigeria play? in terms of leadership roles in African,nothing is working for now.

    i believe in the concept of change, so as Nigeria. in all fairness,we cannot just anticipate instant changes, developments and so on. changing our ways would be best option not only the leaders, but me you and every one. It is the greatest of our opportunity to rebuild the nation, rebuild our concept, rebuild our way of doing things so that we move to the right direction with the right structure, because this [current] structure will create problems of the type that it already created…We just kind of put it — patched it — together to move again. Patchwork shouldn’t be done this time. This is the real world we’re overhauling. Take it apart. Take piece by piece and rebuild, redesign so that we can go on. I think that is the most important part.

  • Folarin Isikalu

    To do a proper rebranding, an understanding of the techniques and procedures required in executing a proper branding and rebranding is essential. We need brand consultants, advertising agencies and brand specialist who will channel the rebranding process through appopriate medium for optimum impact. We have these specialist in this country and I feel it’s desirable to consult them.

  • mustapha hodi adamu,kano.

    when we say rebranding,we mean to make something new again.Hence,rebranding nig.means to rebuild a new nigeria.So,lets the political power holders rebrand themselves before anything else they want to rebrand.Because they are the ones who spoiled the hitherto branded nigeria.

  • Manuels

    Olamide..if ur papa is in government or u have anyone there. Go and rebrand them first.

  • Manuels

    When we say ‘Rebranding’. Rebranding of a product has to come from a manufacturer not the end user.
    Rebranding Nigeria has to come from the people we call leaders.
    If rebranding is expected from a Common Nigerian..
    -Is it a common man that Signs and dispense allocations?
    -Is it a common man that Announce an Election Result?
    -Is it a common man that allocate Contracts?
    (this are areas where curruption is high)

    Let Dora sing the song of Rebranding to the so called leaders first before she comes to the comon Nigerian.

  • Negalex

    personally, i like the concept ‘Re-branding Nigeria’; i think Prof Dora is taking it fron a very wrong angle. what we need now is value re-orientation and attitudinal change of Nigerians. the present generation of leaders have failed us. to really re-brand this country, let us invest in the youths and children of this great nation to change their mindsets concerning Nigeria , where it is believed that nothing goes for nothing. this is where education comes to play a crucial role. let take it from the grassroot. surely nigeria will get better.

    • oswald V. Evergreen

      my dear friend negalex got it right. if we must meet the need in re-branding this nation, then we must ask ourselves this questions. What is our present brand? We must be able to state it correctly. Then the next thing is to develop a phiosophy for rebranding this nation and also its physiological and psychological effects after rebranding.The next move is to begin value re-orientation which will set the citizens of this great nation into a transformational mode. A strategic plan must be laid and must be directed from a comprehensive and holistic approach.The final thing to know is that this change cannot take place without the consent of the manufacturer. Inorder words, the change is supposed to take preminence in the lives of the people affecting territories. Therefore, God must be recognized in this project.In closure, diplomacy must be applied with the the understanding that we live in a ‘State’ defined by nationalism ie. by blood, religion, origin, instead of purpose and vision.To this end we expect to have a nation built on UNITY IN DIVERSITY. and yhis can be done by first restructuring the educational structure.
      call; 08065851770, 07071202212

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