Nigeria: On rebranding Nigeria

Chxta discusses the idea of rebranding Nigeria, “Even those who want to rebuild Nigeria need to learn the most basic of lessons, punctuality.”


  • Let us join together and put first International Student Festival in Nigeria to become reality wants to read more about isfin 2009 go to

    • samuel Nwachukwu

      Mayor, i commend your efforts because it is we that has to rebrand our nation and not this guys in FEC, but what is the programs isfin 2009 has and how do you hope to use it help the rebranding?

      I am of the opinion that rebranding that will work is such that will consistently engage our people in such a way that it will produce fruits in Nigeria.

      I dont think a festival can make that desired change, although if it is properly packaged may create more awareness on the rebranding, but the very subtle ways corruption has thrived needs to be addressed regularly.

      Consequently, you may consider changing the name to a youth festival stuff which will capture every youth, whether working class or unemployed. For some of us we are no longer class room students you know.

      Sam @08069001117

  • smith

    who ever said that re-brounding nigeria wont work let him or her go to hell nigeria is grat

  • Moscom

    Re-branding Nigeria is what I may consider a step towards the line of recovery.The way we approach a challenge gives it the rite to be called its various name so to say; If only we can stop seeing the faults of our looters because we do have good looters and few leaders (if there is one). as a Nigerian who knows his destination, what count involves more than blaming our leader (looters) and start planning for the way forward.

  • Uchenna Nnabuife

    The word re-branding Nigeria is a very wonderful thing to hear especially at a time like this, when the country have set a goal of becoming one of the the mega Nations by the year 2020. But the question here is this who is behind this Re-Branding agenda? And with what motive ? ( Good, Bad or Ugly )

    I just want to mention but few, out of numerous ministries and agencies that need to be re-branded if there is any good motive behind the re-branding.

    I always fill ashamed when ever other smaller nations in this Africa talks bad about our great country and the Government. About the insincerity of our leaders. The wast thing is that this so called leaders of ours does not have any genuine passion for the people of Nigeria except lips services. There best intentions are to enrich themselves to the detriment of the people.
    Look at the power sector, so many billions of dollars was spent by the government yet what we got is more ticker darkness. The GSM operators in Nigeria provides the poorest network yet at the highest cost.

    How many corruption cases have been reported to the honorable National house of assembly since the beginning of this president Yar dua’s administration ? How many of the issues have been have been probed successfully to the best interest of this Great nation Nigeria ?
    Instead to the interest of the principalities and the powers. Yet the whole world is looking at us, or don’t you care our Honorable Minister of re-branding Nigeria.

    What I am trying to indicate here is that our leaders should learn to lead by example. Let all the Government institutions be empowered with total freedom to carry out their duties without fear and favoritism.
    When the common man in the streets, sees the heavy weight of the law falling without fear or favoritism on the top government officials who commits one constitutional crimes or the other,
    then there is no other choice than to change his attitude.

    If this can not be achieved, then what it means is that the re-branding is not for human beings who are in Nigeria.

  • Nse Nyah

    Rebranding as far as am concerned has to do with transformation of the political system in all its ramifications starting with our midsets down to the value system in our society. Rebranding is not complete until the product itself is positivley affected. It does not end up in the external packaging as we are trying to do.

    Our politicians and political appointees who are holding us to ransome should be made to understand that the negative brand name given to us is attributable to their corruptible inclinations and callous attiude towards the welfare of the citizenry. Once our leaders are rebranded in their ways of dealing with our resources, then our image will surely be put back in shape.

    May God help us.

  • canice

    The idea of rebranding Nigeria is a mere illusion.I want to draw our attention to an ordinary logic of trying to ask passengers of a running bus to negociate a bend when common sence can tell every member of the vehicle that it is only the driver that has the audasity to do just that.How many ordinary Nigerians have acces to Nigeria’s foreign Reserve?Yet available statistics shows that over $US 120billion dollars has disappeared.How many Nigerians were involved in the sale of federal Government houses,just last week,N300 billion vanished into thin air.What sort of rebranding are we talking about when Yar Adua as Nigeria’s president an custodian of Rule of law has himself broken the law twice in less than two weeks.He has tactically truncated the peoples democratic mandates by moving Bauchi and Imo state Governors to PDP.This attitude grossly circumvents Section 109(g) of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic which all of us are binded.Corruption in Nigeria is worse than HIV/AIDS.Let us pray that our leaders will only stop and think about death which is a respecter of no person whether you are president,senator or anything.All those in the trail of deceit must give account of their stewarship before Almighty God on the last day.Nigerian leaders must repent because the time is near and no quantity of lies will help them. God has already answered the prayers of oppressed Nigerians.

  • ilavbare mee

    please attend to kokomansion urgently, their activities are anti-Nigerian . a think somebody should attend to them as fast as possible ;if possible the facilitators should be sanctioned. i wish i know how to reach Mrs Dorah i would hove appreciated thank you.


    Oluwanisola Seun Emmanuel
    July 17th, 2009 at 10:19 am
    By Oluwanisola Seun Emmanuel
    Initiator of Rebranding Nigeria Forum (on Facebook)
    Posted to members, 17/07/09

    A lot of Nigerians are seriously biased about the term ‘rebranding Nigeria’. Let me share an experience with you. I boarded BRT today (17/07/09) and I noted two things:

    First, a woman of age 45 or thereabout boarded the same BRT I boarded. It took the pilot long time to start the bus and get going. The people were aggressive and wanting to get to work early. The man refused to start the boss and all were shouting. This pilot on our way was just delaying with any reason, stopping and stopping. Then the woman, in frustration, said, the people of Nigeria are the major problems of the country and so WHAT ARE WE REBRANDING?

    In the same bus, as a man was about to alight from the bus, another man was coming, rushing from behind, and the man said, ‘whao! You will rush while boarding and rush again while alight! What kind of Nigeria is this and WE ARE TALKING OF REBRANDING!

    Let me correct a notion here about the term REBRANDING NIGERIA. Prof. Dora was the initiator of the concept and people were biased about the concept because they never understood what she was trying to tell us.

    THIS IS DORA CONCEPT: ‘Nigeria is not what we (or they, International Community) thought it is. We are not really bad as they painted us. If we are bad and corrupt, some are more terrible than we do. And here in Nigeria, we have a lot to tell the world, our good side, they never see’. This is simply true. Nigeria is an ENTITY not a being. If Britain is GREAT BRITAIN, the people made it great. If USA is a great nation, the people made it great! Let’s tell the world EXACTLY who we are. No nation without bad side.

    Our mentality must change. We are talking about rebranding Nigeria; we are REFERRING TO THE PEOPLE. Rebrand the people and the nation will be equally rebranded. Who steal our money? THE PEOPLE! Whether the government or not. PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE and PEOPLE STEAL IT and SPEND IT ON PEOPLE!

    I was watching a moving sometime ago on the apartheid in RWANDA and the people were shouting, ‘the radio news started the fight and the reason for the killings’. Then a white man replied, RADIO DON’T KILL PEOPLE, PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE. This is the truth.

    Imagine this: A lady, a colleague of mine at work, told me this: “I saw something today, as a lady boarded a bus, she greeted everybody and she started telling everyone one in the bus about Nigeria, a better place, great country, great people; she gave hope and later led short prayer session for the country and the whole people prayed. Ordinarily, they might have not prayed for the country that day! That’s rebranding Nigeria. It BEGINS with you!

    What do you see? Let the people change! Let’s purpose to help Nigeria change in our little capacity. Confess positively. Don’t only tell people our bad side, tell them too our good side. We are not who they said we are, but who we say we are. The thieves came from among us. We turn them thieves. How?

    When they were nothing, we never see or seem to know them. When they became Governors, Chairmen, Senators, etc, we invited them to parties, launching, churches, mosques, traditional festivals, rolls titles for them, give them honourary degrees at Universities, family too demands, communities give them titles – NOT BECAUSE WE LOVE THEM TO THAT EXTEND BUT BECAUSE WE WANT THEIR MONEY. WE ARE THE ROOT OF THEIR CORRUPTION! If the community sees a LG Chairman, still riding his old car, we CRUCIFY them; tell them that they are fool. We tell them to steal THE GOVERNMENT MONEY!

    FASOLA, the governor of LAGOS, didn’t say we should pack ourselves in BRT as fishes in cartons but specify number of seated passengers and standees. BUT WHO ARE THOSE PUNISHING THE PEOPLE? YES, THE PEOPLE THEMSELVES. We are hurting ourselves, punishing ourselves, fooling ourselves, cheating ourselves, denying ourselves, manipulating one another, etc. IT BEGINS WITH US.

    When we stand up to defend the nation, the thieves will have no place> WE MUST LEARN TO MAKE SACRIFICE! Go and watch the movie: THE DANGEROUS TWINS, then you will understand what it takes to rebrand a nation. Let stop hiding at the back of Nigeria is not a good place! NO! The land here is the land in Europe. THE PEOPLE MUST CHANGE! That is all we need. ATTITUDINAL CHANGE! MENTAL REVOLUTION! PERCEPTION CHANGE! THINKING CHANGE! Change is not easy but we must embrace it.

    Stop comparing Nigeria with the developed nation. THEY ARE TERRIBLE THAN THIS OUR PRESENT SITUATION MANY CENTURIES AGO BEFORE THEY BECAME WHAT THEY ARE TODAY. It is in stages. I shall continue later……………. Keep posting. We are moving there!

  • Patriotic Nigerian

    Do we really want to re brand Nigeria ?

  • I want to thank all the contributors so far……Dr dora has set the stage and we all are giving our inputs form our different perspectives….which shows our deeply rooted love to see our country nigeria rise again.
    I think we should start from where we can, right now…whether our present political leaders beleive in this or not ………we can still make a difference….lets start the re-branding vision form our selves …our communities …our friends ..our circle of influnce and start recording little progress as we all commit our selves to doing the right things at all times so that nigeria can go well.

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