8 March 2009

Stories from 8 March 2009

Palestine: Book Based on Gazan Blog

Posts from the group blog Moments of Gaza are part of a new book: “Maximilien Le Roy [Fr] from France, showed his kind support to Gaza and its victims through art. He recently made a book [Fr] that includes quotes from this blog and drawings inspired by the events on...

Palestine: Gazan Blogger to visit UK

Gazan blogger and photojournalist Sameh Habeeb is on his way to London to start a speaking tour: “I'll be speaking at the parliament, touring at colleges and universities to bring more awareness about Palestine and the last war launched against Gaza.”

Libya: Berber Archive to Close

Lameen Souag reports at Jabal al-Lughat that a valuable online resource will soon close, possibly for political reasons: “Tawalt is a nine-year-old Libya-focused Amazigh/Berber website with a remarkable collection of audio recordings and resources for some of the least well documented Berber languages – those of Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt…If...

Syria: Anti-LGBT Campaign Sparks Heated Debate

This weekend the Syrian blogosphere warmed up for a new confrontation. A group of bloggers launched a campaign against the spread of blogs advancing LGBT rights, and the response came quick. LGBT is controversial everywhere, but within a society that is conservative in its majority, the topic gets much more sensitive and hotly-debated, writes Yazan Badran.

Brazil: Introducing the Web, a “Digital Baptism”

  8 March 2009

A "Digital Baptism" workshop brought digital inclusion to Belo Horizonte, the capital of the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais this Saturday, introducing the basics of using a computer to those who had never had the chance before or teaching more advanced tools to more advanced users. See some pictures and videos from the action packed day.

Bangladesh: YouTube And Esnips ban confirmed

  8 March 2009

Mash at Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying reports that “Bangladesh has blocked YouTube and some other file sharing websites after audio of a meeting between the Prime Minister and a large gathering of army senior officers was leaked and posted on YouTube.” Quoting news sources the blogger confirms...

Jordan's “shameful reaction”

Jordanian Naseem Tarawnah is incensed with his countries “shameful reaction” towards Israel's plans to demolish 180 homes in East Jerusalem and evict 1,500 Palestinians. “[T]he reaction from the Jordanian state has been, as usual, quite horrendous, offering no more than a “denunciation” of Israel’s actions. Even the masses aren’t allowed...

Saudi Arabia: Women can ride horses

Susie, an American married to a Saudi and living in Jeddah, takes her son to a riding school and notes: “Although there are many things that women cannot do here in Saudi Arabia, horseback riding is not one of them. Private equestrian centers are places where women are free to...

Armenia: International Women's Day

Global Voices Online's Caucasus editor posts photographs and an account of how some civil society groups marked International Women's Day in Armenia on the Frontline Club blog. In a country known for its traditional and patriarchal tendencies the day was observed not without its incidents.