Egypt: How Can We Help Gaza?

Egyptian bloggers are rallying in support of Gaza, which is being pounded by the might of the Israeli forces for a week.

Yasmin asks: What can we do for Gaza?

She notes how we can really help instead of just being passive and blogs a few simple but positive actions Egyptian bloggers can start working on. They are:

* If you are a blogger, blog about it. Stay level and smart, respond to hate comments wisely and smartly.
* If you use Twitter, tweet about it.
* If you live in a country where you can change your politics rally and lobby for the cause.
* If you use Facebook, post articles and blog posts to point your non Arab friends to fairer information.
* If you are a cartoonist or an artist, express yourself and post on deviantart, facebook, blogs or wherever you can.
* If you are a teacher teach our younger generations.
* If you are part of Global Voices then translate articles and educate the rest of the world.

On a similar positive note, Appy and Mfawey have started a new initiative to support Palestine. They are asking their readers to email all international organizations to portray the reality of the appalling humanitarian conditions in Gaza due to the brutal Israeli attack and its impact on the civilian population. They are also calling for volunteer translators to translate the text into all languages.

The message posted on both blogs goes as follows:

Dear All

For the sixth day Israel continue their massacre against the people of isolated Gaza. about 440 killed and martyrs and more than 1750 injured with the support of the United states, immobility of Arab and international communities with only a mere verbal condemnations of unjustified violence against the Palestinian people. This was just a verbal accusation of unjustified violence against the Palestinian people.

Arabs, Muslims and Europeans went out into the streets to demonstrate and express their anger against the inhumane treatment suffered by the inhabitants of Gaza who are subjected to hunger, encroachment, and the violation of the all the principles of Human rights. this violence is not only against Hamas as announced by the Israeli media, but it has also affected the mosques, the Islamic University, houses and a school that depends on the United Nations relief for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA) and the Palestinian government buildings in Gaza; the most populated area in the world which increased the total number of civilians victims . Yesterday the Israeli army announced that Gaza has become a military area while relying on a number of additional troops and tanks to prepare for a new ground military invasion to Gaza.

In addition, Israeli armored forces attacked the boat ”Dignity” which came from Cyprus and aimed to break the siege of Gaza
We ask you to help Gaza as soon as possible and immediately stop the Israeli massacre against the unarmed Palestinian people and ending the siege on Gaza, and the opening of the Rafah crossing point. The Egyptian authorities refused to open the crossing point in the absence of the Palestinian Authority, and the presence of international observers, and for fear of Israeli air strikes on the border strip in Rafah point while ensuring the transport of wounded Palestinians to the hospital in Egypt because of the shortage of essential medical tools In Gaza.

in the name of humanity And human rights, we ask you to rescue Gaza from the threat of genocide at the hands of the Israeli army.

Tahyyes writes about the medical supplies required in Gaza, in preparation for a medical relief convoy being sent to Palestine. The post includes a complete list of the medical supplies required to treat civilians maimed and injured during the previous week.

As for myself, I've asked my readers, and before anything, to learn how Israelis think by reading their blogs:

If Arabs are willing to win the case.. then KNOW YOUR ENEMY first!
Read Israeli's blogs and know their lies.. it isn't a hard equation after all..


  • I wrote a lot about Gaza but because i have the opposite point of view you decided to ignore what i have wrote on my blog cuz you are an extremist, I’ll email global voices about this.

  • Keith

    Americans join together and fight world wide if we need to. Our Country is built on dealing with conflict. This war is the stepping stone to who will ultimately control the ground. There will be one winner. There will be loss beyond belief before and after everyone is willing to fight for there ground. . Your civillans must fight for what they want. Arm yourself and FIGHT! We do. I’m a civillian. You let someone bomb me? I’ll come to your town and shoot you with my own gun. The war will end when the fighters fight and the losers lose. You come to my town ready to fight……….I’ll kick your ass out of here so fast your head will spin! Or I’ll send you to meet your maker. I Would arm my 8 year old son to protect my family if It meant keeping us safe. Mess with America, every person in this country would beat you down! May GOD BLESS your losses But, arm yourself and fight, that is the solution.

  • […] for the War on Gaza exposed! Gaza: Durable And Sustainable Ceasefire, with political cartoons Egypt: How can we help Gaza? Israeli Ground Forces Enter Gaza Saudi Arabia: Who is to blame for Gaza? Syria: The Red Crescent […]

  • One other way to help is to help one of the many charity organisations already working in Gaza. You can help by doing blogs, using facebook, telling your friends about them, giving them money or whatever you can do.

    Pick any organisation you feel comfortable with. There are so many aid workers putting their lives on the line out their so we can enjoy our lives over here. They are the forgotten heros at times like this.

  • Krista

    I am an American, and I just want to apologize on behalf of my country. I wish that I, personally, could stop all of the atrocities. My heart and prayers go out to all who are suffering. I wish that America could do the right thing (for once) and stand against Israel, condemn them for their wrong doings. This country that I used to be so proud of, this country that my husband signed away his life to protect, is wrong. The United Stated of America is WRONG. I won’t stop blogging, speaking out, praying…. until this is over! I’m with you Gaza.

  • hey Krista;
    if all of you guys find your America is wrong then who manage it to do the wrong things? Marsians?

  • ahmed

    We don’t need anyone as muslims becasue we have ALLAH and our own fellow muslims and that does not mean we don’t appreciate everyone to help of course this is a big help to us as muslims and I urge all muslims to pray 2 4 6 rak’as for the people of gaza. I wish the arab league spoke but ……

  • Sadiq

    Thank you Krista.. You have been one of those few people who At least stand for Justice.. I appreciate your willingness… May God show you the right path..

  • Why?

    Why is it that some believe that Israel has the right to protect herself while Palestine does not? Why should Gaza not have the right to defend herself from the oppressive conditions of a cease fire created six months ago that clearly serves the purpose of the Israeli government? Why should Gaza not have the right to object to the conditions of a cease fire that left it’s people imprisoned with shortages of food, water, medical supplies, and even ink for printing textbooks for children? Why is that when an Israeli or American dies it is the effect of terrorism and yet when hundreds of Palestinians die it is the effect of ‘necessary’ invasion? Why is it OK for Israel to continue ignoring a Supreme Court order to allow journalists into Gaza? Why is it OK for Israel to continue ignoring international rules of war?

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