Myanmar: Voices through Tweets

TwitterTwittering is getting popular among Myanmar community and blogosphere. Although many Myanmarnese are yet to make effective use of available tech gadgets and popular medium such as twitter, facebook and the like due to lack of information and resources, a few overseas bloggers and students are beginning to indulge in various communication mediums to express their voices. The so called micro blogging mechanism, Twitter, has become quite active among Myanmar users in reporting recent cyclone Nargis news. In addition to previous post which highlights tweet stories and links from @mmblogs (MBS – Myanmar Blogs), Myanmar: Twittering the cyclone disaster, here are some interesting tweets from recently most active Myanmar twitterer.

waiphyok tweets very interesting questions and statements such as -

(#) Will first US Aid Flight be attacked in the Burma sky?
(#) 900 million relief to Tsunami + 5 million a day expenses for activities , only 3 million to Burma ? Come on US. More please =]
(#) Nargis == Tsunami ? .. The fact is Nargis + Burma's Poverty (far far greater than) Tsunami . !_!

He also twitted tips and comments -

(#) Folks from US are whining. Well this time, it's not about Tyranny of Oil , it's Empathy of Humanitarian.
(#) Tip: Aid workers should write their requests/forms in “Burmese” . Should notarize to native language first with embassies before u apply. =|
(#) I want to read the Burmese official statement =)

and adds some opinions -

(#) Shame on you CHINA, ur country will look like that of Resident EVIL! . EV71 !!!!!!
(#) the prophecy has come true! This is not like the girl with blue eyes as in 10k BC. Simply, we are just destined to unmask Mountain of Gods!!
(#) Nargis is combination of Tsunami (it floods), Earthquake (cos buildings collapse), Tornado (things flying), Forest Fire(fire broke out too).

mmhan has a few more to say about Nargis in his tweets and generated quite interesting conversations among his followers.

(#) I'm once again feeling down after watching some videos of the aftermath of Nargis in Myanmar.
(#) It's juz gr8, UN doesnt step in & Burma deprts aid workers While we r @ it, lets juz effin w8 for another thousands to die.
(#) Dammit, while thousands are feared dead, these politicians are fearing their help might look like a confrontation, what a sick world it is!
(#) been following the news of Myanmar for a week now and still the situation is simply disappointing. :(
(#) Shouldn't there be a crime for stalling aid like that in Myanmar? Shouldn't UN hv entered by force for the sake of thousands of dying ppl?
(#) Yangon, Myanmar is having a hard time getting fresh water.
A bit disappointed to see that 30 day for a million voice campaign isn't growing really well. Need support @

Meanwhile, myochauhtun reports -

(#) 20 Death photos after Nargis Cyclone: I felt sad now after looking up this album from Picasa. IR..
(#) We should request Linkin Park for donation coz they donated millions since tsunami
(#) I can't concentrate on works :( God where are you? Please help us or tell them to accept int. help :(

and mgthantzin analyzed and throw some questions -

(#) Did China allow foreign correspondents access to the disaster zone?
(#) many Twitter users across the world care about Myanmar. i thought we were abandoned. felt glad.
(#) Nargis killed 62k (and counting). it's a natural disaster which was informed of 48 hours in advance? Unbelievable!!!?
(#) Shame on You, CHINA!!! Such a cruel decision you made.. totally inhumane!

MBS - Myanmar BloggersWhile yangonthu wonders “why is it so hard to get people to give donations?”, Rule of Lords publishes an informational post of Cyclone Nargis. Pistachio compiles a great information in her post, Meaningful Action in the Cyclone Aftermath, listing many blog feeds, twitter accounts and news posts. New Mandala compiles the academic commentary of the cyclone Nargis, “As the humanitarian response to the cyclone continues I expect that experts, of all sorts, will have much more to say”.

Burmese Gold Bull wonders about Burmese Junta actions in contrast to China.

While China has transformed itself into a responsible member of international community, Burmese junta's behaviours still are worse than that of barbarians.

In the past, the way China handle the natural crisis is very similar to what Burmese junta is doing now. They don't care for the lives of their own people.

Today China is a totally different country. They've learned how to handle a crisis. They know how to make their people happy. And the best is their leaders know how to behave in front of the cameras.

In contrast, our military government remains ignorant of the outside world. In the eyes of international community, Burmese junta are worse than barbarians. They don't know how to behave. They don't know the values of lives. They don't know what are the norms and values in international communities.

and here are some of the interesting conversation about Myanmar among international twitterers.

Many people ask about the word “Nargis”and WorkingWriter is no exception; across the globe sanjuroku explains “Nargis” (نرگس, IPA: næɵr-ɡɵs), is a Persian word meaning daffodil – just dropping the knowledge for you all”. elm200 commented “China looks much better than Burma in terms of the determination to help their own nationals” while davechua asks “Will people forgot Myanmar's tragedy after what happened in China?“.

DivinePurposeMV throws a question to her followers “Can you call for a worldwide revolt against Burma? Should we be invading or something?” and there follows the never ending stream of news tweets such as these: “(#) Typhoon Rammasun is not an issue now but another tropical cyclone is spinning up and moving into Myanmar (Burma) today. Not a good thing!”, “(#) Beaten out by Burma, the earthquake in China, wildfires in Florida, and havoc from storms in the midwest.”, “(#) Cyclone Nargis to Myanmar, then Earthquake in China… RIP to all victims”.

Indeed, voices from twitterers are important and we should not miss them.


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