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I'm May Hnin Phyu from Myanmar (Burma) currently living in Fiji. I work as a web developer and would like to make use of web medium to strengthen global communication networks. I blog at on my personal and technical matters.

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Fijian Conference in Adelaide

  20 July 2008

Wendy of Babasiga is attending Fijian Conference in Adelaide, Australia and blogs about the experiences there. “The conference discussions and sessions were in various styles – academic, story telling, humorous or serious, and passionate preaching.”

Myanmar: Teen Problems in London

  20 July 2008

London based Burmese bloggers show concern over the increase in teenage crimes. Steve E. questions “Why is the incidence of knife crime growing up rapidly these days?” and wonders a way to reduce such crimes while CMS witnesses yet another teenage gang fight.

Myanmar: Naming System

  20 July 2008

“I realized that the Burmese custom of naming is fairly unique. It symbolizes the combination of the particular virtue for a person and astrological calculation of the day of the week that the person was born based on Burmese lunar calendar year.”, Bakaung blogs and explains more in detail.

Myanmar: Alter charges against blogger Nay Phone Latt

  9 July 2008

Mizzima news reported that the charges to blogger Nay Phone Latt was altered and a new charge has been applied. “Under section 32(b) of the Video Act, he is facing a maximum of six months in prison but now faces a maximum of seven years in jail under the new...

Myanmar: Salt Prices

  9 July 2008

New Mandala states that “25,430 acres of salt pans were submerged and 29,545 tons of salt damaged after the Cyclone Nargis. The price of salt has risen by three to six times in the last two months.”

Myanmar: Voices through Tweets

  14 May 2008

MBS - Myanmar BloggersTwittering is getting popular among Myanmar community and blogosphere. Although many Myanmarnese are yet to make effective use of available tech gadgets and popular medium such as twitter, facebook and the like due to lack of information and resources, a few overseas bloggers and students are beginning to indulge in various communication mediums to express their voices. The so called micro blogging mechanism, Twitter, has become quite active among Myanmar users in reporting recent cyclone Nargis news.

Fiji Times publisher deported

  2 May 2008

A day after the interim PM speech on guaranteeing Fiji media freedom, Mr. Evan Hannah, the managing director of the Fiji Times was detained and confirmed to have deported out of country. AuCorp, solivakasama, Babasiga and McKenzie have their says.

Aussies and Kiwis Celebrate ANZAC Day

  25 April 2008

Australians and New Zealanders around the world celebrate the "Australian and New Zealand Army Corps" (ANZAC) Day in memory of those fallen soldiers of Gallipoli in Turkey during World War I.

Myanmar: Love and Support for Hillary Clinton

  25 April 2008

Justin supports and loves Mrs. Hillary Clinton's speech on Dr. M. L. King Jr., “I just love this speech. Against all odds, I strongly believe in Mrs. Clinton and that she's the right person to go to the White House and bring about real positive changes in the United States.”....

Myanmar: Burma Democratic Diagram

  18 April 2008

Myanmar Genocide blog publishes the “Burma Democratic Diagram“, a brain storming diagram for political calculations for Burma. “This diagram is not the opinion of one person. This is an accumulated result of opinions of many people interviewed.”

Fiji: Catch the Trashers on Camera

  16 April 2008

Strange Pants posts about a new public service blog, “Fiji Trash“, which aims to “showcase people who insist on ignoring all common sense and who believe that rubbish thrown onto the street will magically disappear or, better yet, grow into a tree.”

Myanmar: Vote NO to Junta's Referendum

  15 April 2008

Freedom From Fear notifies that the Embassy of Myanmar in Singapore is accepting ballots from 25th to 29th and Moethee Zun urges to vote “NO” to the junta's one-sided referendum.

Fiji: Kidatalk VOIP

  14 March 2008

I AM A WIP attends the launch of the new VOIP service, “Kidatalk“, which is one of the very first companies to set up in Fiji.

Myanmar: Walk across USA for Burma's Freedom

  11 March 2008

Sophie Lwin urges to support for the two Burmese students who will walk over 3,000 miles across USA to present a petition for Burma's Freedom. “They are on foot walking 25-30 miles a day holding two flags … I ask you to please do whatever you can to help support...

Myanmar: Bullets in the Alms Bowl Ebook

  11 March 2008

Burma Digest features the ebook “Bullets in the Alms Bowl” – An Analysis of the Brutal SPDC Suppression of the September 2007 Saffron Revolution which was written, edited and published by the Human Rights Documentation Unit.

Fiji: Local Blogosphere Roundup

  3 March 2008

Wilson at Paradise Not Found posts a neat compilation of local blogs roundup for the week and he plans to do so in the future as well. “Welcome to what will be the first of what I hope to become a regular weekly post on the happenings of the local...

Fiji: Heart-Shaped Island

  29 February 2008

The gang at Paradise Failed discovers Tavarua, a heart-shaped island among Fiji group; “…this freak of nature is called Tavarua, otherwise well-known amongst surfers as “Cloudbreak” for its perfect wave form. And, unfortunately, due to its luxurious nature is inaccessible by your average income earner.”

Myanmar: Mandalay YadanarPon Market Fire

  26 February 2008

Myanmar bloggers are posting photos and reports of fire outbreaks in two major cities, Yangon and Mandalay. Nearly 3000 people have become homeless due to fire at Hlaingthayar, Yangon and damages are yet to estimated for Mandalay's YadanarPon Market fire.