Sri Lanka: LTTE on Facebook? on fake profiles of LTTE members on Facebook, and the LTTE's threats to those violate the diktat.


  • sir,

    The LTTE is fighting to protect tamil people from inhuman government of srilanka past 30 years. LTTE is the only movement in the world to fighting for their people’s rights after losing almost 80,000 tamils (including ltte cadres)

    thousands of non organosation’s youth’s of tamilnadu in india wants to join LTTE defense force. this will be happening until LTTE get separete homeland for tamils in srilenka.

    the only solution is seperate homeland for tamils.

    evey tamil people in tamilnadu in india and world reveals the same concept



  • Gayan

    To all the readers,

    Ltte is not fighting for tamil rights their their just terrorist’s with a capitol “T”, The youths and children
    who joins this outfit is either by force or by brain washing their minds.

    their strugle is not about freedom it’s albout making money from tamil diaspora.

    this jones fellow is a one of them and dont belive him!

    find the facts first!

  • vijay

    IF the SL govt really gave a damn about the Tamils, they would have provided them with equal rights in terms of language, religion and job opportunities.

    They would not have changed the constitution to fuel their empty sinhala-buddhist chauvinism.

  • LTTE is blood thirsty terrorist group which is not fighting for the freedom of Tamils as most of , more than 90% of Tamils are living peacefully is the other areas of the island. In addition to that if they are real fighters of freedom why do they kill and massacre innocent, unarmed Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim people?

    It is no use to waste of this valuable time as our Sri Lankan Heroes of Forces are now in the process of victory where there is no more LTTE to talk about within a few months time.

    If you have been in this country you will understand that due to the grave mistakes of past politicians this unwanted war was started. But if we are flexible enough to face the reality and begin to trust each other and start to think as SRI LANKANS, and not more as Sinhalese, Tamils or Muslims; this country will be a one of most developed countries in the Asia.

    Therefore our duty is to not to believe the terrorist and their supporters whose sole aim is the destruction, terror and power for their unlimited blood thirstiness.But to support the government of Sri Lanka to fight the terrorist and gain the peace and the prosperity to the country.

  • Kamal

    LTTE is nothing but blood thirsty murders…

    if you help them means you helping to kill civilians in SRi Lanka.

    Unfortunately most rights groups helping LTTE currently because otherwise they will have to pack their bags and go home.

  • Raju

    Dear Readers,

    Before commenting on Tamil’s problems in srilanka, one should understand the causes of the problems and the present situation.

    Srilanka is a country which gives every rights to follow any religion, to live in any culture, and ultimately what ever one wants. Everyone should accept that still millions of tamils are living in all the parts of the counry without any problems, even in the capital city, colombo, where the buddists are majority.

    Tamils are given opportunities in higher studies, bussines, security forces and etc..etc. Not only that, but also who gives food, medical and all the other free services of the government to the people of Jafna and also thse so called saviors of the tamills, LTTE? The only answer is ‘Srilankan government’.

    We want to live in peace with our families.. we need to live in our native areas.. LTTE chased us when we don’t want to take the werapons but we are expecting a day to live in peace of mind as others do in Tamil Nadu.

    My question is, why Tamilians in tamil nadu donot go for a war and get a seperate homeland? Because you all want to get the rights by negotiating with the central government. Why don’t you and LTTE to do us the same. We too need to negotiate with the government and get our rights while living without a bloody war.

    So, whoever it is, please don’t go for false propaganda and make the tamils of srilanka a community which has nowhere to go.

    – raju

  • raju

    Hey Vijay,
    who said that tamils are not given rights in language, religion and job opportunities?

    You know, all three, sinhala/ Tamil/ english, languages are official languages and moreover sinhala officers are ordered to learn tamil and allovences also give for them.

    You know, how many tamils are studying in universities exept University of Jafna. Who disturbs them? due to LTTE they are facing difficulties.

    You know, we celebrate all the festivals and fuctions in the capital city without no interference- Nobody stops, nobodyu cares!


  • vijay

    The sinhalese govt changed the constitution in 1972, repealing Article 29 and made “sinhalese” the official language and “buddhism” the national religion.

    Before that, there was no such legal “higher status” that was bestowed on the sinhala-buddhists. The Soulbury constitution was eliminated to make way for the new constitution that gives preference to the sinhala-buddhists.

    The “official” status to Tamil is largely lip service and was initiated after the 1984 genocide against the Tamils. Specifically as part of the Indo-Lanka accord.

  • Kamal

    Dear vijay, man you are living in history – world has changed a lot man. open your eyes man

  • vijay

    The constitution is still the same disriminatory. No one altered it to provide equality.

    History never repeats itself but it often rhymes – Mark Twain.

    If the sinhalese can change the constitution, disenfranchise a million Tamils, what is the guarantee that they wont do it again ???

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