Egypt: Al Jazeera's Arab Unity Series

The Arabist from Egypt sheds light on a television production, by Qatar-based Al Jazeera, on Arab unity.

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  • This is meant as a reply to 673…….

    The you are using show your intellectual bankrupcy.
    You shunned the well documented facts about the Iranian death squads in Iraq something that is acknowledged by Iranians themselves. For example, the deputy of Khatemy stated that hadn’t it been for Iran,Baghdad woyuld have never fallen! Thus he expects the Americans to return the favour. I wonder what would you call this??
    Moreover, Ayatollah Shariety In Tehran critised on an interviw with Al-Jazeera the Iranian mullahs for financing, training and supporting the extremist death squads with Iranians to wipe out the Iraqi secualrs, technocrats, pilots, army men…etc-sunnis and shiites alike. Leaving alone of course, the ARAB shiite clericks in Iraq like Ayatollah Gawad Al-Khalisy, Haasani and Hussien al-Moaeyad who crticise the the Iranian anti-Arab role in Iraq and their empowrment of the Persian elemnts which were pushed into Iraq with the invasion. Are the sectarian as well? Or maybe you consider the ethnic cleansing of Iraqis a trivial issue in Arab-Irani relations.

    The Iranian death machine is targeting iraqi academics, scientists, engineers, baathists, secualrs, PALESTINIANS, Arab nationalists. I wonder what would you call this?
    Regarding Hussien 50% of top baathists were shiites, mentiong the word sunni or shiite in Iraq was forbidden. But maybe you consider Saddam’s ban on bloody self flagellating rituals, a persecuion of shiites? Huh!? Here I would be most glad to inform you that both the criminal Najad and freak Nasarallh have banned these rityuals in Iran( Hisbollah is part of the khomeinist republic of Iran) However it is Iran that is highlighting secatrian discourse and the divsion of people along sunni-shiite line because that is the only way it could be integated into the Arab world. we all know how the retarded Ayatollahs of Qum resisted vehemently Saddam’s attempts to modernise and develop the Iraqi south in the seventies. Hence Iraq had no choice but to break the back of Iran, which it manged to do very well in 1988.
    Now let’s look at the achievments of Saddam whom you call a butcher. In 1982 he recieved a medal from unicef for wiping out illiteracy in Iraq. In 1989 he recieved a certificate form WHO for having the best health care system in the middle east. Saddam directed the oil evnues towrds industralising the country and embedding hi tec in Iraq. In terms of women rights, religous freedoms , child labour, GNP growth, access to education, health care standards Saddam’s Iraq was number one in the entire Arab/ Muslim sphere.

    The rapid growth of Iraq’s indeginous militrary capabilties and Nuclear potentials were tilting the straregic balance in the middle east for the first time since the mid-sicxties in favour of Arabs.Saddam commited fatal mistakes. First by setting a paradgim shift in the middle east by using oil to industralise rather remaining passive consumers, and to concntrate power in the Arab world. Hios second mistake was uncompromising stand towards Israel, given the rate of growth in his military machine and indeginous capabilties.

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