8 October 2007

Stories from 8 October 2007

Libya: In Love with Soup

Libyan The Highlander confesses her love for soup in this post. She writes: “My favourite dish on the evening meal is the Libyan soup and this soup only tastes special with watani lamb meat ( watani meaning local). I can never tire of eating it for 30 days in a...

Iran:Down with the Dictator

Tribone Azad says[Fa] that 1500 students chanted slogans such as “down with the dictator” against President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad while he wanted to deliver his speech in the University of Tehran on October 8th.

Russia: Remembering Anna Politkovskaya

  8 October 2007

Sean Guillory of Sean's Russia Blog links to the New York Times’ translation of an interview with Petros Garibian, the chief investigator in the Anna Politkovskaya murder case, and receives over 50 comments to his post on commemorating the slain journalist. Mark MacKinnon writes about Russia's “Day of Shame.” La...

Senegal: Education System Goes “Mafia”

  8 October 2007

Blog Politique au Senegal describes (Fr) Senegal's education system in a state of crisis: “It's difficult to say that the Pdef and the 40% of the national budget allocated to education haven't served any purpose: multiple strikes, the lowering of education standards, botched programs, phony grades…illicit practices have more and...