2 August 2007

Stories from 2 August 2007

Korea: Netizens’ Opinions ≠ Citizens’ Opinions

  2 August 2007

As the longer Afghanistan hostage situation continues, there has been increasing divergence in treatment of these issues between main stream media and netizens. Netizens complain that their opinions are not taken as citizens’ opinions. Minoci writes, 이번 아프간 피랍사태에는 두 개의 여론이 존재한다. 대다수 저널들에서 쏟아내는, 의미없는 관습적 수사로서의 ‘국민'이...

Czech Republic: Politics

  2 August 2007

NvB: Bored in Brno? writes about the politics surrounding the anti-missile bases to be built in the Czech Republic and Poland – and about Czech politics in general: “The Czech political elite generally believes that decisions should not be left to the majority to decide.”

UAE: Iraqi Anthem Shame

D B Shobrawy, from Egypt, discusses the embarrassment caused after the victorious Iraqi national football team was welcomed in the UAE to the tunes of the old Iraqi national anthem – and how some players walked off in protest.

Bangladesh: Military regime and rights

  2 August 2007

Mash on a letter written by Human Rights Watch to Bangladesh’s military regime protesting its record of human rights violations including its torture of Tasneem Khalil, a journalist and blogger.

Israel: Blog Day on August 31

Ouriel Ohayon, from Israel, reminds us that Blog Day is on August 31. “On this day every blogger will post a recommendation of 5 new blogs. This way, all blog readers will find themselves leaping around and discovering new, previously unknown blogs.”