9 August 2006

Stories from 9 August 2006

China: Baidu Search Fraud

  9 August 2006

Non violent resistance reports on a client protest against Baidu, the biggest internet search engine in China, of its fraud in paid search engine ranking.

The Week that Was – Bolivian Blogs

  9 August 2006

Bolivia celebrated her Independence Day on August 6th complete with the usual fanfare and outward displays of civic pride. Many Bolivians marked this 181st birthday with family and friends, while others were miles away in other parts of the globe far from their loved ones. Isabella Fuente did not hide...

Uzbekistan: Renewing US Ties?

  9 August 2006

Registan.net speculates on the possible reasons for today's meeting between Uzbekistan's President Islam Karimov and US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia, Richard Boucher.

Armenia: Internet Still Spotty

  9 August 2006

Onnik Krikorian reports that internet connections in Armenia are still spotty after last weekend's loss of service. He says that if the Armenian blogosphere suddenly goes silent, the poor connection is the reason.

Cuba: Critiquing the right wing view

  9 August 2006

Zenia, writing from Pinar del Rio, Cuba, critiques (ES) the ways Cuba is viewed by the right-wing press: “‘In Cuba many people don't have MP3 players or cell phones.’ That's one of the criticisms circulating in cyberspace these days from the right. . . . “

Barbados: HIV/AIDS messages

  9 August 2006

Barbados Free Press reports that the Caribbean Broadcasting Company (CBC), Barbados’ national television, network, has committed to running one HIV/AIDS public service announcement during every hour of broadcast, as well as embedding HIV/AIDS messages in the plots and scripts of regular television programming.

Bahamas: After Castro

  9 August 2006

Larry Smith writes about the potential long-term effects of Fidel Castro's exit on the Bahamas, notably in the area of tourism.

Guyana: Eight killed by gunmen

  9 August 2006

Living Guyana posts five short entries (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) linking to and commenting stories about the brutal slaying of eight people, including four journalists, by gunmen in Guyana yesterday evening. The journalists were killed in the newsroom of the Kaieteur News. Guyana has a general election scheduled for...

India: Lentils in the US

  9 August 2006

The rising cost of lentils in the US has quite a few people of Indian origin more than just a bit worried. Arzan on why lentils are such an important part of the Indian diet and why loopholes will be found.

Jordan: Israel Create A Biodiversity Disaster

“WHY is the oil spill in Lebanon not receiving prominence in the media? Israel have destroyed the majority of Lebanon's infrastructure, Lebanon's economy, murdered Lebanon's civilians and now Israel has created an environmental disaster that threatens the sea, marine life and coastline of Lebanon, Syria, Turkey and Cyprus,” nourahayaam said.

Israel: The big offensive

It's clearly begun. The big offensive. Channel 2 news just did its midnight update. The defense correspondent was reporting live from Metulla on the northern border… He did say, though, that it sounded “very aggressive.” allisonks Said. Shortly after the blogger prayed for minimal IDF casualties and as few innocent...

Egypt: Nasrallah warns the Arab in Haifa

“In all the previous wars of Israel with the Arabs countries , the Arab countries usually blocked the media from covering the news and Israel usually showed all what it got ,now Israel is blocking the media from covering the news and we are showing everything,” Zeinobia quoting Hezbollah leader...

Syria: Hamas Official Abducted and Tortured

“While the whole world is preoccupied with the situation in Lebanon, Israel has been taking this chance to kill more civilians in Gaza, and kidnap the odd cabinet minister from the democratically elected Hamas government. Israel's latest victim is the speaker of the parliament, Aziz Dwaik, who was abducted from...

Nepal: Koirala and Monarchy

  9 August 2006

Nepali Netbook on the political choices in Nepal and why it would take quite some effort to sidetrack the issue of reinstating monarchy.

Hunger strike, a filtered journal & a banned NGO

Many Iranian bloggers are worried about Ahmad Batebi, activist student who is on hunger strike in prison for about ten days. Many compared his case to Akbar Mohammadi’s, another student activist who died in prison while he was on hunger strike. Several bloggers have written that Mohammadi is gone we...