22 July 2005

Stories from 22 July 2005

Venezuela: Sumate

  22 July 2005

Daniel of Venezuela News and Views compares Chavez's persecution of opposition group SUMATE with Rome's ancient persecution of Carthage.

Mexico: On my own.

  22 July 2005

Sergio on Overcaffeinated explains why it is completely normal for one to move out of their parents’ house at 28.

Lebanon: A Groovy Kind Of Love

In the wake of Secretary of State Rice's snap visit to Lebanon, The Beirut Spring tells the highly allegorical story of the relationship between “Lee” and “Sarah” and the new girl on the block, “Amy”.

Malaysia: Unpeg Day 1: Bank Negara intervenes

  22 July 2005

In the wake of yesterday's decision to unpeg the Malaysian ringgit from the US dollar, it seems as if Bank Negara promptly intervened to prevent a run-up in the value of the Malaysian currency, notes Jeff Ooi.

Tunisa: Back To The Blogosphere

Popular Tunisian blog Subzero Blue, which abruptly went off the air a few days ago, has returned to the internets. The cause of the outage was a dispute with the previous hosting company; more sinister forces were not implicated.