Sara Alsherif

Sara is a researcher in digital rights with a master's degree in digital media from the University of Sussex. Her studies focus primarily on digital rights and their intersection with human rights and gender studies. Her academic research has varied from critical analysis of how data is captured and disseminated in social media to the impact of women's representation in technology on code bias, machine learning and recognition technology, and their human rights implications. Sara is a member of the advisory groups on digital responsibility and digital mobilization with a Global Focus on the new Danish initiative “Tech for Democracy”.
In 2021, Sara launched a podcast in Arabic called Talk-Nology, which talks about technology, human rights and the destructive effects of new technology on people's rights.
She has been involved in several studies such as Fostering Freedom Online: and the Role of Internet Intermediaries with UNESCO, The Ranking digital rights, and the diversity in the Egyptian media with Media Diversity Institute. In addition, to Arabic studies on the mechanism of access to information in Egypt and free access to the Internet.

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