Rosario Lizana · May, 2007

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Chilean Gas Crisis: Biofuel Perspectives

  17 May 2007

A reduction in the supply of gas to Chile due to colder temperatures in neighboring Argentina has opened a debate on the use of biofuels. The Chilean government provided a tax incentive for the further development and use of these alternative fuels. However, some bloggers discuss the pros and cons of the increased development of biofuels.

Chilean Ethnic Groups: Development Against Native Rights?

  11 May 2007

Many indigenous communities in Chile are being pushed off their lands in the name of development. Some bloggers are faulting the government for not fulfilling their obligations to protect these groups, while another documentary filmmaker captures the actions of the government and company working together to displace families to build a dam.

New political movement: Chile Primero

  3 May 2007

A new political movement called Chile Primero is set to be a launched on May 12. Some Chilean politicians and some Chilean bloggers are ready to support this new party, although there is some debate how it will interact with the current President and other coalitions.