Rosario Lizana · November, 2006

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No Congress Debate for Abortion in Chile

  24 November 2006

With 61 votes in favor, the lower house of the Chilean congress decided to not legalize abortion and declared it “unacceptable”. 21 votes were against there were 3 abstentions. Quemarlasnaves (ES) posts about the democratic sense that involved the decision: La decisión del Presidente de la Cámara, respaldada por la...

Chile Seeks Political Transparency

  17 November 2006

Last week, Fernando Flores (ES), Senator from the leftist coalition, decided to suspend his party affiliation to the PPD because of a corruption scandal with other senators from the same coalition. The week before, the worldwide ranking of transparency listed (ES), Chile at position number 20 and first in transparency...

Blogs & Beers with David De Ugarte

  13 November 2006

David De Ugarte (ES) , a popular bloger in the Spanish-language blogosphere is visiting Chile. He is the founder of Las Indias Electrónicas (ES) and creator of Cyberpunk (ES) A few nights ago, David shared time with Chilean blogers with an open invitation, so everyone could attend. Roberto (ES) posts...

Pinochet's Gold: Gone with the Wind

  5 November 2006

These past weeks, the news of Pinochet's investments in gold was enough to make bloggers write, not only from Chile, but also around the world. Carololine (ES) posts the complete Facts about this development, and also the magnitude of the news: Este “peso en oro” supera los cien millones de...