Janine Mendes-Franco · February, 2014

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Guyana, U.S.A.: Aviation Security Threat?

  10 February 2014

Two blogs are reporting that the US has issued a security alert to its citizens about an ‘unconfirmed threat’ to flights from Guyana. Netizens are also sharing the news via Facebook.

Caribbean: Discrimination is Discrimination

  7 February 2014

Groundation Grenada has partnered with Trinidad-based artist Joshua Lu “to create a visual campaign to draw analogies between sexual orientation/gender identity discrimination and other forms of discrimination.” Check out the first few installations in the campaign, here.

Trinidad & Tobago: Put Bullying in its Place

  4 February 2014

Why not teach kids that bullies are real, that assholes exist, and the proper way to deal with them, i.e. IGNORE THEM. Rob them of their power. Or, and here’s an even better one: STAND UP FOR YOURSELF. Rants of a Redman recommends taking the bully by the horns.