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Kyrgyzstan: Fed up with protests?

  19 March 2008

Kyrgyz bloggers have been actively elaborating on the Kyrgyz government's initiative to make March 24 – the day of popular uprising in 2005 – a national holiday. The amendment was made to the Kyrgyz Labor Code, according to which from now on March 24 will be officially celebrated as a...

Kyrgyzstan: From Santamania to “Subbotnik”

During the last two weeks, the Kyrgyz blogosphere has come up with a bunch of interesting articles, funny and witty comments along with bright photos of Santa Claus First Winter Festival in Kyrgyzstan. The Festival was held from 23 to 25 February and spurred lots of criticism on one side...

Kyrgyzstan: Echos of the Parliamentary Elections

  7 February 2008

The results of the Parliamentary elections of December 2007 and distribution of seats among deputies from each party have spurred lots of discussion and criticism among various human rights activists, heads of international organizations and foreign governments. According to them, during the elections there were huge violations such as discrepancies...

Kyrgyzstan: Debates over President and Parliament

  12 January 2008

Edil Baisalov’s personal blog, one of the most visited blogs in Kyrgyzstan has not been updated since 4 December, 2007. The activeness of his blog went down after he was found guilty for illegally publishing a voting ballot before the elections on his blog as was assumed by the members...

Kyrgyzstan: Political season gets hot

  3 December 2007

Bloggers in Kyrgyzstan discuss the changes that the government is undergoing after the President Bakiev’s sudden dismissals and appointments of a whole bunch of key state figures. Newly appointed and recently dismissed officials have always attracted attention of bloggers, who constantly express and share their opinions and forecast who is...

Kyrgyzstan: Parties Struggle for Power

  12 November 2007

Political events in Kyrgyzstan for the past several weeks have spurred a lot of discussions, assumptions and dispute among Kyrgyz bloggers. Following president Bakiev's decree on dissolution of the Kyrgyz Parliament and resignation of the government, new parliamentary elections will be held on December 16 this year, and about fifty...

Kyrgyzstan: From national surveys to a spy-lady in parliament

The results of a national survey strike some bloggers as too positive; the Kyrgyz head of state is the fifth-sexiest president of the Commonwealth of Independent States, Kyrgyzstan slides down the failed states ranking, and a spy scandal in the capital's parliament on the eve of an important international conference - all these are the topics that kept the Kyrgyzstani blogosphere busy over the last week.