Jordan: #March24 Protest Camp in Amman

Hundreds of pro-democracy Jordanians, mostly students and young people, gathered to protest at the Dakhliyeh Circle (Ministry of Interior Circle) in Amman on March 24, 2011.

Demands from the protestors [ar] included the dissolution of parliament, a new representative election law, the dismantling of the General Intelligence Department, and the removal of Prime Minister Marouf Al Bakhit in exchange for a democratically elected prime minister instead of one appointed by the King. Calls also came for public freedom, as well as an end to corruption and autocracy.

@tarawnah: It is ALL about who is more patriotic right now. The music and Dabkeh competition is amazing to watch. #march24 #jo

@tarawnah: It is ALL about who is more patriotic right now. The music and Dabkeh competition is amazing to watch. #march24 #jo

Protesting through the night

Under heavy and peacefully controlled police and security, the youth of March 24 movement stayed up throughout Thursday night and set up a protest camp, a livestream [ar] of the event, and a clean up crew.

They have been met by a smaller group of counter-demonstrators holding up pictures of King Abdullah, chanting aggressively at the pro-democracy protesters that the King is their leader. The counter-demonstrators also blared music at the March 24 youths while they were performing their dawn prayer.

AmmanNet [ar] reported that one of the March 24 youths, Abdallah AlRamahi, was arrested and later released. Meanwhile, stone throwing has resulted in some injuries.

Nearby hospitals reported treating at least 50 injuries, according to AmmanNet [ar], other than the injuries treated at the on site camp clinic.

Injured March 24 protestor. Image by Yfrog user @JournalistErsan.

Injured March 24 protestor. Image by Yfrog user @JournalistErsan.

Twitter reactions

Here are some of the reactions to the protest on Twitter:

@lina18: كيف يعني هدول اللي بفكروا حالهم “موالين” شايفين إنهم عم بخدموا البلد والملك بإنهم يرموا حجار على المعتصمين ويسبوا عليهم؟؟

@lina18: How is it that these people believing themselves to be ‘loyalists’ see that they are serving the country and King by throwing stones at the protesters and cursing at them??

@Dima_Alashram: the baltajeyye [counter-demonstrator thugs] are holding a picture of the king, and passing it to everyone to kiss it #march24. as if the other party is not pro the king!

@Dinablues: This cannot turn pro/anti king or urduni [Jordanian]/falasteeni [Palestinian] or pro/anti reform. we are all so much better than this.

@SaeedOmar: الله يقوي اللي قاعدين ومعتصمين على دوار الداخليه. قلوبنا معكم ودعاءنا الكم

@SaeedOmar: God give strength to those sitting in and protesting at Dakhliyeh Circle. Our hearts are with you and our prayers for you.

@Qwaider: Today, is one of the very few moments in my life that I'm PROUD TO BE JORDANIAN #Mar24 الله يحيي الشباب… اسقطوا جدار الخوف

@Qwaider: God salute the #Mar24 youth…bring down the wall of fear.

@MohannedA: أفكر بالعودة جديا..عيوني تدمع على بلدي..الله يحمي الأردن

Dakhliyeh Circle protest camp. Image by Twitpic user @fhilal, posted March 25, 2011.

Dakhliyeh Circle protest camp. Image by Twitpic user @fhilal, posted March 25, 2011.

@MohannedA: I'm seriously considering returning to Jordan… my eyes tear for my country, God bless Jordan.

@theMJ_92: just left interior circle, shocked to see two sides and police in between

@Zaidababneh: اتمنى لو انني لم اذهب الى دوار الداخليةواشاهد مناهضين الاعتصام،لانني ما كنت لاصدق المستوى الهابط من الهتافات لولا اني سمعت

@Zaidababneh: I wish I didn't go to Dakhliyeh Circle to see the protesters because I wouldn't have believed the pathetic chanting had I not heard them myself.

@farahghniem: To anti-reformists & status-quo-lovers, think about this: If u love ur country so much, why do u settle for mediocrity?

@tarawnah: just asked by loyalist whose side I was on. Said I was just a citizen. Told me “ma binfa3″ [that doesn't work]. Threatened 2have me beaten if I took pix. #mar24

@7ammoud: The government is still less than a couple of months old. For God's sake give them a chance before judging them!!

@odoudin: its sad to read some of the comments @ #mar24 facebook page. Enough with the divide, we shud unite to help

@jamal_bat: #ReformJO ppl saying #Mar24 is wrong coz its causing traffic jams, why didn't we hear abt [about] it when they were closed for Kings bday [birthday] parade?

@tarawnah: #mar24 ppl fairly diverse. Saw a mother holding up photo of her Jordanian son who was a #jo policeman that died in line of duty.

@AmmanNet: مسيرة الحسيني غدا تتضامن وتغير مخطط سيرها للداخلية حسب معتصمون

@AmmanNet: According to protesters, the Husseini [Mosque in downtown Amman] protest tomorrow [Friday 25 March] has changed its route and will head to Dakhliyeh Circle instead.

As day breaks into Friday morning, follow on Twitter, hashtags #March24 and #Mar24 and the livestream here.


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