3 January 2006

Stories from 3 January 2006

Bolivia: “Latin America's New Socialism”

  3 January 2006

Miguel Centellas and Jim Shultz joined economist, Jeffrey Sachs to discuss “Latin America’s New Socialism” on Radio Open Source. The show has amassed an impressive amount of comments from bloggers and readers all over. Eduardo Ávila has a thorough look back at the top ten Bolivia stories of 2005.

World: Holiday Food Recipes

  3 January 2006

Melissa, a chef from Panama – whose blog, Cooking Diva is recommended only if are not hungry – had the excellent idea of hosting a New Year's international recipe swap amongst food bloggers. Feel free to salivate over the submissions. Countries represented include Oman, Italy, Spain, Canada, India, England, France,...

Cuba, Venezuela: Bloggers Interviewed

  3 January 2006

Aleksander Boyd of Vcrisis and George of The Real Cuba were both interviewed on Clandestine Radio durring the week between Christmas and New Years. The audio interview is available for download. http://www.clandestineradio.com/gcw/gcw_060102.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | RSS

Human Rights, Non Violence Library & Christmas

Cheraghyekhamoush (Turned off lights) talks about Ahmadinejad’s, recent proposition to Europeans about human rights. According to Iranian President, whose government is under pressure for human rights abuses, Iran can send delegation to European countries to report about human rights including political prisoners, women’s rights and so on in European countries....

Egypt: Egypt Resists a new UN Human Rights Council

UN Human Rights Council is proposed to replace the existing 53-member Human Rights Commission, which has been criticized for routinely granting membership to governments with questionable rights records, including Cuba, Libya, Sudan and Zimbabwe. US ambassador to the United Nationas John Bolton said he hopes to block the worst human...

Iraq: One billion dollars a week

Raed Jarrar says, at a time when the US army is spending more than ONE BILLION DOLLARS every single week in Iraq alone, the United States government doesn’t have enough money to go ahead with basic development and infrastructure projects. The billions of dollars wasted by the war adminstration should...

Jordan: The end of media as we know it. Now toot!

They flipped the switch and the toot went live. How they toot it? They spend the day plowing through a diverse list of blogs representing a sample of the most interesting blogs they find in Arabia. Then, they share with us the most interesting ideas, posts, and conversations of the...

Caribbean: Island Maps

  3 January 2006

Island Tips has added to its site a number of Caribbean maps based on the Google Maps API marked with sites of interest. The list currently includes maps of Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Aruba, Barbados, Bonaire, Grenada, Montserrat and Puerto Rico.

Cambodia: Wasting Our Time

  3 January 2006

A sex tourist posts a question on the Cambodian Ministry of Interior website's forum for asking the best places to find prostitutes and the going hourly rate in the country. The response: “We could arrest and lock up a sex tourist like you, if you may show up in Cambodia...

Malaysia: Bad Robot

  3 January 2006

A Malaysian-made robot is standing in a Kuala Lumpur light rail station delivering information about malaria. Kenny Sia is shocked by where the makers decided to place the LCD screen.

Malaysia: BRIC, IRIC and Other Creatures

  3 January 2006

Competitive Malaysia discusses U.S. investment bank Goldman Sachs’ listing of eleven countries it believes are poised to follow Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) as global players. The East Asian countries on the list are Indonesia, South Korea, the Philippines and Vietnam…but not Malaysia?

Myanmar: Missing Portrait

  3 January 2006

Burma Digest explains why a portrait of General Aung San, Myanmar's national hero and father of opposition icon Aung San Suu Kyi, no longer appears on the country's currency, the kyat.

Philippines: Social Divides

  3 January 2006

Notes from the Peanut Gallery reflects on the persistence of class divisions among Filipinos, even those abroad: “To a great extent, Filipinos abroad welcome each other. But sadly, in my observation, after a few weeks or months of open arms, many Filipinos revert to the nastiness in their bones. Like...