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Indonesia: Suicide Bomber Targets Police Mosque

  21 April 2011

A suicide bomber attacked the Adz-Zikro mosque located within a police complex in Cirebon City in Indonesia last Friday, April 15, 2011. Dozens were injured when the bomb exploded during Friday prayers. Indonesia is the most populous Muslim dominated nation in the world and in recent years, it has been targeted by extremist terrorist groups. Here are some reactions from Indonesian bloggers.

Indonesian Netizens Support ‘Dancing Cop’

  9 April 2011

The video of a provincial cop dancing and lip-syncing to the tune of a Bollywood Indian song is now a certified internet and media hit in Indonesia. Authorities reprimanded the policeman for recording the act while on duty but netizens have expressed their support for the 'dancing cop'.

Indonesia: Ministry Orders Removal of Buddha Statue

  9 April 2011

Indonesia's commitment to promote religious tolerance was questioned again after the Religious Affairs Ministry ordered a large Buddhist statue in a monastery in North Sumatra to be removed after Muslim groups in the area protested against its presence.

Indonesian Football Mired in Controversy

  2 April 2011

There is a leadership dispute in the Indonesian football association which has disappointed football players and fans. Netizens want leaders to settle the issue and focus instead on improving the quality of games for the benefit of the public.