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Libya: Citizen Reporting from the Battlefield

Videos continue to seep out from war-torn Libya as protesters battle Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's forces in a bid to overthrow his 42-year-old regime. Here is a selection of the latest videos taken by netizens on the frontlines of major cities where the battle for Libya is still fought.

Morocco: Peaceful Marches Across the Kingdom

Inspired by the Tunisian and Egyptian uprisings, Moroccans have been taking to the streets since last February 2011, demonstrating week in, week out, calling for a reform of the constitution and for the establishment of a democratic parliamentary system. Peaceful marches were held on Sunday, March 20th, across the kingdom. Minutes of the marches were followed on the Internet via Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.

Bahrain: A Video Timeline of Police Brutality

As international media focus shifts toward Libya and the rapidly unfolding events there, Bahrain government is unleashing a violent assault on pro-democracy protesters. Amid the media blackout, citizens are taking their cameras out and capturing the violence the state-run media is carefully concealing.

Morocco: King's Speech Tweeted

On Wednesday, King Mohammed VI of Morocco gave his first address to the nation since the beginning of pro-democracy protests in his country. He promised "a comprehensive reform of the constitution". The king's speech was closely followed on Twitter.

Morocco: Women Celebrate International Day

Moroccan women, who have long been at the forefront of the civil society's struggle for a better and more dignified life, celebrated the 100th anniversary of the International Women's Day today. Across the Moroccan blogosphere, male and female bloggers have been reflecting on this occasion.

Libya: Zenga Zenga Meme Goes Viral

Gaddafi's now infamous "Zenga Zenga" speech has sparked a meme over the internet. Remixes of segments of the nationally televised address in which "The Guide" promised to "cleanse Libya inch by inch, home by home, house by house, street by street (Zenga Zenga)" are mushrooming on video sharing websites, much to the delight of Gaddafi opponents.

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