Geraldine Juarez · March, 2011

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Mexico: New (Dis)Agreement on Reporting Violence

  29 March 2011

On March 24, most of the biggest Mexican media outlets signed the "Agreement to Cover Violence in Mexico," an agreement that unifies the editorial criteria to cover and report news related to "the drug war." Many support and defend the document, but the text has also sparked strong disagreement and criticism.

Mexico: Telecom and Entertainment Industries Testify on ACTA

  18 March 2011

As reported earlier, the Mexican Senate is holding public hearings with citizens, academics, lobbyists, and Internet service providers on the Anti-Counterfeit Commercial Agreement –widely known as ACTA. On March 2, lobbyists from the creative, telecommunications and entertainment industries had the opportunity to present their positions to the senators. Here is a summary of the session.

Mexico: ACTA Public Hearings Kick Off

  2 March 2011

The controversial Anti-Counterfeit Commercial Agreement --widely known as ACTA-- is currently under discussion in the Mexican Senate in response to opposition from civil society to the way the treaty's negotiation process is being conducted. Here is a summary of results and reactions to the public hearings held up to date.