Enas Alarashi

Enas Alarashi is a Yemeni Political, Conflict Resolution, and Security Expert. In 2018, Enas joined the UN Special Envoy Team as a member of Technical Women Advisory Group, which aims to bring the voices of Yemeni women to the peace-making process.

Since 2005, she has worked as a senior Political and Security analyst in Yemen, and Jordan. This role has included the management of security reform projects and projects connected with the wider stability of Yemen.

Her earlier career included working as the programmes and portfolio manager for Yemeni Mine Action Projects. She also participated in conducting field researches focusing mainly on security, Gender, political transition in Yemen, Socio-economic impact of landmines and mine action operations in Yemen. Al Arashi graduated from the University of Sana’a with a BA in accounting in 1994.

Enas is a is a member of the Women’s Solidarity Network and a recipient of the Peace Track Initiative Feminist Leaders Fellowship.

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