For the Love of Food

Efo Riro is a Nigerian vegetable soup. Photo used with permission from Dobby Signature.

Efo Riro is a Nigerian vegetable soup. Photo used with permission from Dobby Signature. More here: 10 Dishes From Sub-Saharan Africa Everyone Needs to Try

In Tajikistan, a man tweets his farewell to vegetarianism after being introduced to the country's tasty fleshy cuisine. Thousands of miles away, a Caribbean blogger's Instagram post entices devout meat-lovers to give her vegetarian “Rainbow Pizza” try.

Did we mention, a new breed of YouTube chefs are cooking their way to celebrity in India?!

Food can unites us. Cuisine can define us. And the Internet has made it even easier for us to explore our own identity and tradition through food. A few minutes of browsing even allows us to sample distant flavors, aromas and dishes in our very own kitchen. 

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