Yemen Protests 2011/12

Yemeni anti-government protesters demand the resignation of Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh in Sanaa. Image by Sniperphoto Agency, copyright Demotix (28/04/11).

Yemeni anti-government protesters demand the resignation of Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh in Sanaa. Image by Sniperphoto Agency, copyright Demotix (28/04/11).


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During protests in Egypt, opposition groups in Yemen squeezed concessions from their own president, Ali Abdullah Saleh. He promised not to run again in the 2013 election. This did little to abate the demands of young citizens for human rights and economic development. However, protests against Saleh have ignited strong protests for Saleh which have led to attacks on anti-government protesters across the country. Severe poverty and corruption, accompanied by historic rifts between north and south that lead people to fear for the future of the country, both if and if not Saleh is deposed.

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07 Sep – Yemenis Organize Marches to ‘Reclaim’ Country's Wealth from Regime
24 Jun – Yemen: Attacks on Southern Yemen Jeopardize National Dialogue
12 Jun – Yemen: $audi Influence Explained
06 Jun – Yemen: The Sheikh, Women and the NYT
18 Mar – Yemen: Remembering the Friday of Dignity
20 Feb – Yemen: All Set for the One Man Presidential Election
12 Feb – Yemen: A Year of an Unfinished Revolution
08 Feb – Yemen: Yemen S-Election!
06 Feb – Yemen: Yemeni Protesters Greet Saleh With a Shoe in New York
22 Jan – Yemen: Saleh Gets Impunity After All
12 Jan – Yemen: January 12, a Day Without Qat
10 Jan – Yemen: Saleh Gets Away With Murder…He Gets Immunity
03 Jan – Yemen: A Year of Revolution and a Story of Struggle
03 Jan – Yemen: A Parallel Revolution from the Streets to the Institutions

December 2011

30 Dec – Yemen: Should the US Grant Saleh a Visa?
24 Dec – Yemen: The Amazing Life March Arrives in Sanaa
04 Dec – Yemen: Taiz is Bleeding

November 2011

25 Nov – Yemen: Mixed Reactions as Saleh Finally Signs GCC Deal
22 Nov – Yemen: Will Saleh Sign the GCC Deal that the Youth Oppose?
18 Nov – Yemen: Reuters Yields to the Power of Twitter!
13 Nov – Yemen: Netizens Accuse Reuters of Biased Reporting
11 Nov – Yemen: Taiz is Bleeding while the UN Envoy is in Sanaa

October 2011

26 Oct – Yemen: Yemeni Women Burn their Veils
17 Oct – Yemen: Azizah Abdo, Yemen's First Female Martyr
11 Oct – Yemen: Saleh Stepping Down? Unlikely!
07 Oct – Yemen: Celebrating the Bravery of Revolutionary Women
02 Oct – Yemen: Friday of Victory for Syria and Yemen

September 2011

24 Sep – Yemen: Bloodbath in Sanaa as Saleh Returns
18 Sep – Yemen: A Massacre Streamed Live Online
18 Sep – Yemen to the Rest of the World: Silence Kills!

August 2011

09 Aug – Yemen: Pressing Humanitarian Needs and Deteriorating Economic Situation

June 2011

03 Jun – Yemen: Reasons Saleh is Late!
03 Jun – Yemen: Confusion in Sanaa Amid Conflicting News on Saleh

April 2011

28 Apr – Yemen: Lunch Time at the Pro-Change and Pro-Regime Camps
22 Apr – Yemen: Millions Protest on Last Chance Friday
05 Apr – Yemen: Crackdown on Protestors Continues

March 2011

25 Mar – Yemen: Crowds Call for Saleh to Step Down in Sanaa
21 Mar – Yemen: Game Over for Ali Abdullah Saleh?
19 Mar – Yemen: ‘Friday Massacre in Sanaa’
14 Mar – Yemen: A Life-Threatening Message to Blogger Afrah Nasser
11 Mar – Yemen: Did Government Use Nerve Gas on Protesters? (Videos)
09 Mar – Yemen: Saleh “declares war on Yemen” (Videos)
07 Mar – Yemen: Protesters Vulnerable to Violent Attacks
04 Mar – Yemen: More Protesters Killed as Political Plans Multiply (Videos)
01 Mar – Yemen: Thousands Protest on Day of Wrath

February 2011

26 Feb – Yemen: “I beg you to help us NOW”
25 Feb – Yemen: “Our blood is not cheap” (Videos)
24 Feb – Yemen: At the Boiling Point? (Video)
22 Feb – Yemen: Bullets, Screams and Sirens (Video)
22 Feb – Yemen: Walking the Walk, One More Protester Dies (Videos)
21 Feb – Arab World: The Great Social Media Debate
20 Feb – Arab World: The Uprisings Continue
19 Feb – Yemen: Another Life Claimed on Eighth Day of Protests
11 Feb – Yemen: Protests Continue Away from International Media Eyes
03 Feb – Yemen: Thousands Protest on Day of Rage
01 Feb – Arab World: A Revolution Time-Table

January 2011

27 Jan – Yemen: Thousands Protesting Against Saleh Rule
16 Jan – Arab World: After Tunisia, Who's Next?


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