Syria Protests 2011/12

Support for Syrian protests, Brussels, Belgium. Flickr: gwenflickr (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0).

Support for Syrian protests, Brussels, Belgium. Flickr: gwenflickr (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0).


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Initially inspired by revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia, protests in Syria have gained momentum since March 15, 2011 (a first call for protests on February 5 drew only a small crowd). Thousands have protested against the government of President Bashar Al-Assad in Damascus, Aleppo and several other cities – and dozens have been arrested – but the heart of the protests is currently in southern city Daraa. On March 18, news that 15 children had been arrested for writing anti-regime graffiti sparked a demonstration that led to security forces killing at least three people. In subsequent protests in Daraa, at least 37 more have been killed (some reports say as many as 150 may have died). The most extensive nationwide protests since the beginning of the uprisings were on March 25 on what is now referred to as the “Friday of Dignity” (where at least 24 deaths were reported).

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Featured Global Voices Posts – Syria Protests 2011/12

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31 Oct – Syria Destruction in Photos
10 Oct – Arab World: The Plight of Syrian Refugee Girls
19 Sep – Syria: Happy Birthday Bashar?
10 Sep – Egypt: Going Hungry to Draw Attention to the Plight of Syrians
29 Aug – Save Syria's Threatened Heritage Sites
24 Aug – Syria: You are an Embarrassment to the Revolution
23 Aug – Lebanon: It's Back to Kidnapping Time
16 Aug – Syria: #InMySyria the Streets Will Be Full of Freedom
14 Aug – Saudi Arabia: Defending the Virtue of Syrian Women?
08 Aug – Syria: Military Intervention or Civil War?
06 Aug – Syria: “I Tweeted Prime Minister Riad HIjab's Defection First”
27 Jul – Jordan: The Fate of Syrian Refugees
26 Jul – Syria: Weapons and Combat Tutorials Online
20 Jul – Syria: Videos Document a Sharply Escalating Conflict
19 Jul – Iran: “If Bashar Gets Killed, the Iranian Regime Will Call Him a Martyr”
17 Jul – Syria/Turkey: Syrian Refugees Protest Water Shortages at Kilis Camp
15 Jul – Syria: Palestinians and the Syrian Revolution
18 Jun – Syria: Regime Assailants Kill Blogger's Mother
29 May – Syria: Ambassadors Expelled in Protest at Houla Massacre
28 May – Syria: Houla Massacre Creates International Outcry
28 Apr – Syria: Television “Confession” of Activist Ali Mahmoud Othman
03 Apr – Syria: Ali Mahmoud Othman, the “Eyes of Baba Amr”, Detained
26 Mar – Syria: A Year On, From Beirut With Love
18 Mar – Brazil: Solidarity March for Syrian Revolution
18 Mar – Syria: When Assad Falls
15 Mar – Syria: “The Day We Knew What It Meant to Be Syrian”
14 Mar – Syria: Crackdown Against Journalists Continues
13 Mar – Syria: Campaign to Stop One Year of Bloodshed
02 Mar – World: Global March Against the Syrian Dictator
28 Feb – Syria: Injured French Journalist Edith Bouviez Still Trapped in Besieged Homs
28 Feb – Syria: Homage to American Journalist Marie Colvin Killed in Homs
22 Feb – Syria: Shock and Disbelief Over Murder of Journalists
18 Feb – Syria: Razan Ghazzawi and Female Colleagues Freed
17 Feb – Syria: Razan Ghazzawi Arrested … Again
08 Feb – Tunisia: Decision to Expel Syrian Ambassador Sparks Heated Debate
06 Feb – Syria: “Revolution + Blood – Oil = Veto”
05 Feb – China: Veto of UN Security Council Draft Resolution on Syria Draws Praise and Grief
10 Jan – Syria: Netizens Angered by Assad's Speech
07 Jan – Syria: The Struggle for Freedom and the End of Silence
07 Jan – Syria: Damascus “Suicide Attack” and State TV Fabrications

December 2011

21 Dec – Syria: A Christmas Massacre
18 Dec – Syria: Blogger Razan Ghazzawi is FREE!
13 Dec – Syria: Razan Ghazzawi Charged, Bloggers Continue Campaign
04 Dec – Syria: Free Razan Ghazzawi

November 2011

12 Nov – Syria: Virtual Sit-In Garners Global Support
12 Nov – Syria: Arab League Suspends Syria's Membership
09 Nov – Global Campaigns in Solidarity with Syria Keep Growing

October 2011

29 Oct – Egypt: Another Bloody Week in Syria
26 Oct – Syria: Blogger Hussein Gharir “Missing”
06 Oct – Tunisia: Arab Bloggers Discuss the Situation in Syria
02 Oct – Yemen: Friday of Victory for Syria and Yemen

September 2011

25 Sep – Syria: Official Websites Under Anonymous Attack
05 Sep – Lebanon: What Will be the Fate of Lebanese Prisoners in Syria?

August 2011

21 Aug – Arab World: “Assad, You are Next After Gaddafi!”
11 Aug – Syria: World Cities Rally Against and For Bashar
07 Aug – Syria: Death Toll Mounts as Ramadan Massacre Continues
05 Aug – Lebanon: Protest Against Syrian Regime Attacked by Loyalists
02 Aug – Syria: Can Tweets Prevent a Massacre?

July 2011

31 Jul – Syria: Tanks Enter Hama on Eve of Ramadan
09 Jul – Syria: Bloggers Rally for Anas Maarawi
05 Jul – Syria: Did Man Film Himself Getting Shot by Sniper?

June 2011

29 Jun – Spain: Hundreds Protest Against the Syrian Regime
27 Jun – Syria: Black Comedy of the Revolution
26 Jun – Syria: The Revolution and the Economy
24 Jun – Syria: Blogging Day for Syria
23 Jun – Syria: “It Feels as if Syria is Two Countries – With Two Different Realities”
23 Jun – Syria: “We Support Bashar and Want the World to Leave us Alone”
20 Jun – Syria: Protests Break Out Following Assad Speech
18 Jun – Syria: Al Assad's Cousin Quits Business for Charity Work
15 Jun – Syria: 2.3km Flag at Pro-Government Rally in Damascus
15 Jun – Syria: Crackdown Continues Despite International Outcry
13 Jun – Syria: Lesbian Blogger Amina is a Married American Man
09 Jun – Syria: True Identity of Arrested Blogger Questioned
06 Jun – Syria: ‘Gay Girl in Damascus’ Seized
03 Jun – Syria: Protesting for the Future of Children
03 Jun – Syria: Reports of Internet Blackout
02 Jun – Syria: Opposition Drafts Declaration in Antalya

May 2011

06 May – Syria: Reports of Telecom Disruptions as Protests Rage
06 May – Jordan: “Bring Raad Home” from Syria

April 2011

29 Apr – Syria: The Revolution Continues (Video)
26 Apr – Egypt: Protesting for Syria
23 Apr – Syria: Blog Interview with Opposition Activist Ammar Abdulhamid
22 Apr – Syria: The People Want to Overthrow the Regime
20 Apr – Syria: Homs Protests Attract Thousands (Video)
19 Apr – Syria: Emergency Law Lifted as Protests Continue
06 Apr – Syria: Bread and Propaganda
03 Apr – Syria: Two Returned Home Safely, Khaled El Ghayesh Still Missing

March 2011

30 Mar – Syria: Reactions to President Assad's Speech
29 Mar – Syria: Complexity Behind the Protests
26 Mar – Syria: Egyptian-American Tweep Accused of Spying
26 Mar – Iran: Syrians Protest “Neither Iran Nor Hezbollah!”
26 Mar – Syria: Protesters Demolish Symbols of the Regime
25 Mar – Syria: ‘Friday of Dignity’ Protests Erupt Countrywide
23 Mar – Syria: Citizen Videos Show Horror in Daraa
23 Mar – Syria: Reports of Mass Killings, and a Blogger and a Journalist Disappear
21 Mar – Syria: Protests Continue to Gain Momentum
17 Mar – Syria: Protests for Release of Political Prisoners, 38 Detained
18 Mar – Syria: Protests Across the Country, 6 Reported Killed in Dara'a

February 2011

08 Feb – Syria: Facebook and YouTube Unblocked, Among Others
04 Feb – Syria: No-Show for ‘Day of Anger’
01 Feb – Arab World: A Revolution Time-Table



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