SlutWalks 2011/12

Three girls at London's SlutWalk. Image by Rob Pinney, copyright Demotix (11/06/11).

Three girls at London's SlutWalk. Image by Rob Pinney, copyright Demotix (11/06/11).

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In April 2011, a new protest movement defending women's rights was born: SlutWalks. The marchers confront the notion that women attract rapists by dressing provocatively, like “sluts“. The first march took place after a representative of the police in Toronto, Canada called for women to dress conservatively to stay safe. As a response, SlutWalk Toronto was initiated with this statement: “We are tired of being oppressed by slut-shaming; of being judged by our sexuality and feeling unsafe as a result.” The event has been replicated in at least 40 different countries worldwide.

Read below how SlutWalks have earned both support and criticism in 2011/12.

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Global Voices Posts – SlutWalks 2011/12

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North America

04 Dec 2011 – Canada: The Start of the SlutWalk Movement

Central America

19 Aug 2011 – Costa Rica: Slut Walk Reactions, Religion and Women's Rights
17 Aug 2011 – Costa Rica's ‘Slut Walk’

South America

29 May 2012 – Brazil: SlutWalks Spread Across the Country

30 Jun 2011 – Brazil: 40 Cities Make the Freedom March
19 Jun 2011 – Brazil: “SlutWalk” Throughout the Country in Images


29 May 2012 – India: Kolkata Joins the SlutWalk Movement

06 Dec 2011 – Reactions to Slutwalk Singapore
13 Aug 2011 – India: Was Delhi's SlutWalk More of a Media Hype?
23 Jun 2011 – Slut Walk is Besharmi Morcha in India

North Africa

07 Sep 2011 – Morocco: SlutWalk Gets a Toehold


07 Jun 2011 – Australia’s Swear-In: Fine is a Four-Letter Word
30 May 2011 – Australia: SlutWalks Spread the Word


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Key hashtags: #slutwalk | #16DaystoSayNO and #16days [Annual initiative – see website below]



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Photos from SlutWalks around the world on Demotix:

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