Russia Elections 2011/12

Protesters during a demonstration against election fraud at the Bolotnaya Square, Moscow. Image by Maria Pleshkova, copyright Demotix (10/12/11).

Protesters during a demonstration against election fraud at the Bolotnaya Square, Moscow. Image by Maria Pleshkova, copyright Demotix (10/12/11).

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Russia's December 4, 2011, parliamentary election triggered what no one expected – mass demonstrations protesting the numerous reports of vote rigging and election violations. The overwhelming numbers (over 60,000 protesters in Moscow alone and around 100,000 protesters all over the country), have created an energy and feeling of empowerment that Russians have not experienced for nearly two decades. The phenomenon has been organized and discussed mostly online, on Twitter and social networking sites LiveJournal, Vkontakte and Facebook.

Protestors consist of those pushed out of the political mainstream (liberals, anarchists, anti-Kremlin social-democrats) who have joined forces with groups of activists that have emerged solely online, such as the Blue Bucket Society and Anti-Corruption Movement. Empowered by technology, they are united despite their political differences in their demands for an election re-run, changes to the electoral and political systems, and the release of political prisoners.

On March 4, 2012, the Russian presidential election will take place. The president will be elected for the new, extended term of six years.

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27 Mar – Russia: Kenyans at Pro-Putin Rally Identified As Moscow Circus Acrobats
19 Mar – Russia: “Anatomy of a Protest” Film Causes “NTV Lies” Scandal
07 Mar – Russia: Anglophone Bloggers Discuss Election Fraud and Post-Election Future
06 Mar – Russia: 11 Areas of Election-Related ICT Innovation
06 Mar – Russia: Sex, Women, Putin and Videos
06 Mar – Russia: Fake US Ambassador Twitter Account Wreaks Havoc During Vote
03 Mar – Russia: A Last-Minute Overview of Pre-Election Blogging
01 Mar – Russia: The Early Days of Government Transparency
01 Mar – Russia: Vladivostok's Pre-Election Puzzle
29 Feb – Russia: An Overview of the Pre-Election Anglophone Blogging
27 Feb – Russia: The “Big White Circle” Protest in Moscow
25 Feb – Russia: Bloggers’ Photo Reports and Reflections on Pro-Putin Rally in Moscow
23 Feb – Russia: Pro-Putin Rally in Vladivostok Causes Controversy
05 Feb – Russia: Day of Protests Divides Citizens
24 Jan – Russia: “Mikhail Dmitrievich Prokhorov: An Unpredictable Kremlin Project”
18 Jan – Russia: Obama's McFaul Sworn in as U.S. Ambassador
10 Jan – Russia: The Russian Orthodox Church Re-Enters Politics

2011 – Parliamentary elections

27 Dec – Russia: The Opposition in St. Petersburg Fails to Reach Understanding
23 Dec – Russia: Opposition Faces Online Communication Problems
22 Dec – Russia: Phone Hacking Case Unites Opposition
18 Dec – Russia: Mikhail Khodorkovsky and the 2012 Presidential Election

December 10, 2011, protests

14 Dec – Russia: Dec. 10 Opposition Rally in St. Petersburg
13 Dec – Russia: Post-Election Protest in Vladivostok on December 10
13 Dec – Russia: Gregory Shvedov on Braving the Putin Regime Online
11 Dec – Russia: An “Ethical Revolution”
11 Dec – Russia: 13 Protest Tweets, 6 Photos “Storified” (Updated)
11 Dec – Russia: “Why Are Russians Protesting Now”
10 Dec – Russia: Ukrainian Blogger's Photos From the Moscow Rally
10 Dec – Russia: English-Language Tweets From the Moscow Rally
10 Dec - Russia: Anglophone Bloggers’ In-Depth Analyses of Dec. 4 Elections
10 Dec – Russia: Protests (and Security Forces) in Moscow

After the 2011 elections

9 Dec – Russia: Anglophone Bloggers Comment on Election and Protests
8 Dec – Russia: Analyzing the Possible Scale of Saturday's Election Protests
07 Dec – Russia: Second Day of Post-Election Protests
07 Dec – Russia: Election and the “Other Side of Panopticon”
07 Dec – Russia: Kremlin Removes Re-Tweet From Presidential Account
05 Dec – Russia: The Revolt of “Net Hamsters”

The 2011 elections

05 Dec – Russia: No Violation of Election Violations
05 Dec – Russia: Election Day DDoS-alypse
04 Dec – Russia: Massive DDoS Attacks Against Independent Websites on the Election Day

Before the 2011 elections

03 Dec – Russia: Last Words Before Pre-Election Silence
02 Dec – Russia: Detained Member of Parliament Uses Live Mobile Broadcasting
30 Nov – Russia: Creators of Election Violation Map Come Under Attack
22 Nov – Russia: Digital Oppression Hits Web Forums as Election Approaches
22 Nov – Russia: PM Putin Gets Booed – “End of an Era” or “Wishful Thinking”?
21 Nov – Russia: Kostroma Police Closes Discussion Board For Criticising Governor
16 Nov – Russia: Hidden Camera Reveals Illegal Electioneering in School
31 Oct – Russia: The Data Leak War and Other Pre-Election Surprises
31 Oct – Russia: Izhevsk City Manager Caught on Camera Talking About Election Bribery
30 Oct – Russia: Retired Tennis Star Marat Safin to Run for Parliament
28 Oct – Russia: Fake ‘Crowd Sourced’ Election Monitoring Portal Launched by the Ruling Party
27 Oct – Russia: 24,300+ Personal Records Belonging to Pro-Kremlin Youth Camp Participants Leaked
27 Oct – Russia: Pre-Election Scandals, YouTube Videos and Semi-Anonymous Protest
20 Oct – Russia: 7 Temporarily Detained During the President's Meeting with Journalism Students
18 Oct – Russia: Newspaper Leaks Plans to Discredit Anti-Corruption Blogger
17 Oct – Russia: Facebook Bots Massively Vote for Putin
10 Oct – Russia: Putin Gets Twitter Hashtag for His Birthday
26 Sep – Russia: Expert Analyzes RuNet's Role Under Putin's Presidency
23 Sep – Russia: Controlled Media Support Party Hijacking
15 Sep – Russia: To Vote or Not To Vote?
08 Sep – Russia: Crowdsourced Map of Electoral Violations Launched
19 Jul – Russia: Women ‘Rip For Putin’ As Election Campaign War Begins
21 Jul – Is Russia's Political “Black Hole” About to Reach Tipping Point?
02 Jun – Russia: Social Networks and Civic Mobilisation


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