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A series of global protests against economic inequality and corporate greed calling for the “occupation” of different cities, banks, and public squares began in September 2011 with “Occupy Wall Street” in New York City. Soon after, similar demonstrations were organized across the United States and also around the world. It's a decentralized and leaderless movement, inspired by uprisings in Egypt and Spain, and organized by citizens who use online media avidly. The primary slogan – “We are the 99%” – refers to the 1% of the U.S. population who control nearly a quarter of the wealth.

Sad Euro WalrusSee our Europe in Crisis special coverage examining popular discontent with the social, political and financial consequences of Europe's financial bailouts.

What we do: Global Voices bloggers from around the world report on how citizens use the Internet and social media to make their voices heard, often translating from different languages.

Featured Global Voices “Occupy” Posts

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27 Oct – Occupy Movement Rallies for ‘Debt Strike’ Worldwide
24 Sep – United States: Occupy Wall Street, One Year Later
19 Sep – Anniversary Interview with Occupy Wall Street Movement Leader
27 Aug – Hong Kong: Occupy Central – Before Forced Eviction
02 May – United States: Occupy Wall Street Returns
30 Apr – United States: Indig-Nación, the Spanish Newspaper of Occupy Wall Street
22 Feb – Armenia: Activists #Occupy Yerevan Park
01 Feb – Global Voices Podcast: Occupy This!
01 Feb – United States: The Art of the Occupy Movement
13 Jan – Occupy Nigeria: From Cyberspace to Face-to-Face
02 Jan – United States: Occupy Wall Street Also Speaks Spanish


10 Dec – Philippines: “Occupy” Protests Overcome Police Brutality
18 Nov – USA: Will Occupy Oakland Activist “Pancho” Be Deported?
17 Nov – United States: Unexpected Eviction of Occupy Wall Street Protest
01 Nov – Brazil: #OccupyBeloMonte Evicted from Dam Construction Site
27 Oct – Overview of Occupy Southeast Asia
26 Oct – USA: The Challenge of Diversity in the “Occupy” Movement
24 Oct – Russia: ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Demonstration Attracts Only Few
23 Oct – Jordan: Alternative Voices on the World Economic Forum
22 Oct – Bangladesh: Occupy Dhaka, Joining the Movement Against the 1%
21 Oct – Slovenia: OccupyLjubljana Evolves Into “Boj Za” (”Fight For”)
21 Oct – Hong Kong: Why Occupy Central?
19 Oct – Italy: October 15 Protest Turns Violent in Rome
19 Oct – Why Occupy Singapore Failed
18 Oct – USA: October 15 on the Streets and Social Networks
18 Oct – Brazil: #OccupySaoPaulo Sets Up Camp
17 Oct – Portugal: Photos and Videos of October 15 Protests
17 Oct – Madagascar: The Birthplace of the “Occupy Wall Street” Philosophy ?
17 Oct – China: No Clear Solution to the Wall Street Occupation
16 Oct – Taiwan: Occupy 101, merely a translation of Occupy Wall Street?
15 Oct – South Korea: Photos from Occupy Wall Street Protest in Seoul
13 Oct – Chile/New York: Similarities Between Occupy Wall Street and the Student Movement
13 Oct – United States: “Occupy Wall Street” Gets Stronger
12 Oct – Latin American Social Movements and #OccupyWallStreet
12 Oct – Bulgaria: #OccupyBulgaria on Oct. 15
12 Oct – Slovenia: #OccupyLjubljana on Oct. 15
12 Oct – Puerto Rico: The Occupy Movement is Here
10 Oct – China: Support Occupy Wall Street Movement
25 Sep – United States: “Occupy Wall Street” Takes the Heart of New York's Financial District



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Main Occupy hashtags:

Other hashtags:

  • #GlobalChange
  • #15MOriginated from demonstrations in Spain on May 15, 2011, for the rights of citizens


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18 Oct – Photos from Hong Kong #OccupyCentral
18 Oct – Photos from #OccupyBuenosAires
17 Oct – Portugal: Photos and Videos of October 15 Protests
15 Oct – South Korea: Photos from Occupy Wall Street Protest in Seoul

Zhengzhou support rally for Occupy Wall Street

At a rally in Zhengzhou city, Henan province, China on Oct 6, 2011, banners read: 'Absolutely support the American people’s great ‘Occupy Wall Street revolution' (via ChinaHush)


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