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Olympic rings on Edinburgh Castle mound, by Flickr user Graeme Pow (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0).

Olympic rings on Edinburgh Castle mound, by Flickr user Graeme Pow (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0).

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The 2012 Summer Olympic Games took place in London, United Kingdom from 27 July to 12 August, 2012. With 26 sports, 10,500 athletes and millions of spectators, the Olympics is the world's biggest sporting event. London was the first city to officially host the modern Olympic Games three times, having previously done so in 1908 and in 1948.

The London 2012 Paralympics – where athletes with a physical disability compete – will be held from 29 August to 9 September, 2012.

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14 Aug – Puerto Rico: Jaime Espinal's Silver Medal Makes History
14 Aug – Female Saudi Athletes – Out of the Olympics, Into the Twitter Storm
14 Aug – Central Asia's Mixed Success at London Olympics
13 Aug – Afghanistan: When Bronze Means More than Gold
13 Aug – Colombia Adds Gold and Bronze BMX Medals to their List
13 Aug – Ecuador: Sprinter Álex Quiñónez Brings Country to Standstill During Final
12 Aug – Cameroon: Olympic Escape – Blame the System, Not the Athletes
12 Aug – East Timor: Marathoner Captures London Hearts
12 Aug – Trinidad & Tobago: Dark Cloud, Gold Lining
12 Aug – China: Hurdler Liu Xiang's Olympic Failure Provokes Fierce Debates
12 Aug – Mexico Wins Historic Football Gold Medal
11 Aug – Argentina Wins its First Gold Medal in London 2012
11 Aug – Jamaica: Caribbean Region Rallies Behind Bolt
10 Aug – Kirani James Delivers on Grenada's Olympic Dream
10 Aug – Colombia Achieves Historical Results in London 2012
10 Aug – Should Singapore ‘Import’ Athletes to Win Olympic Medals?
09 Aug – Tajikistan: Female Boxer Fights Odds, Wins Olympic Bronze
09 Aug – Kazakhstan: ‘Imported’ Olympic Champions Cause Controversy
08 Aug – Dominican Republic: Pride and Celebration of Félix Sánchez’ Gold
08 Aug – Seven Cameroon Olympic Athletes Go Missing in London
08 Aug – Iran: Celebrating ‘Historic’ Medals and Criticising the Referee
08 Aug – Algeria: Makhloufi Clinches Arab World's First Olympic Gold
07 Aug – Puerto Rico: Javier Culson Wins Historic Bronze Medal
06 Aug – Venezuela: Fencing Win Brings First Gold Medal in 44 years
06 Aug – Video: Dreaming of the Olympics in Colombia
06 Aug – Team GB's Super Saturday at London 2012 Olympics
06 Aug – Jamaica: 50th Celebrations Enhanced by Olympic Performance
06 Aug – Brazil: Sexist Reporting Taints Olympic Coverage
06 Aug – Zambia: State TV Ignores Homegrown Sprinter for Jamaica's Usain Bolt
05 Aug – Runner Dibaba Reigns Supreme in Ethiopia/Kenya Athletics Rivalry
04 Aug – Guatemala Celebrates Erick Barrondo's Silver in Race Walk
03 Aug – Puerto Rico: Celebrating Javier Culson's Success in London 2012 Olympics
03 Aug – Central America Begins to Stand Out in the London Olympic Games
02 Aug – Chile: Olympic Athletes Bring London 2012 to Fans
02 Aug – Hungary: Olympic Social Media Content Remains Scarce
01 Aug – UK: Empty Seats at London 2012?
01 Aug – Argentina: China-born Olympic Athlete in the Spotlight
01 Aug – Indonesia: Young Athlete Late for Olympic Debut
01 Aug – Kyrgyz Female Wrestler – Hooligan or Olympic Heroine?
31 Jul – South Africa: Netizens Celebrate First Gold Medal in 8 Years
31 Jul – Ukraine, Russia: Olympic Athletes’ Birthplace Controversy
30 Jul – Bahrain: Boycott the Olympics
29 Jul – Colombians Celebrate Unexpected Silver Medal
28 Jul – London: Triumph Beyond Medals for Bangladeshis
28 Jul – Reasons to Boycott the Olympics?
27 Jul – Argentina: Athletes Tweet Photos From #London2012
27 Jul – Panama Pins Hopes on Eight Olympic Athletes
27 Jul – South/North Korean Flag Mix Up – Biggest Blunder in Olympic History?
27 Jul – Bolivia: Athletes Not a Priority at London Olympics
26 Jul – Mali: Athletes Go to London Olympics With Heads Held High
26 Jul – Ambush Marketers at the Olympics? Be Warned!
26 Jul – UK: Taiwan Flag Disappears from London Olympics Street Display
25 Jul – Saudi Arabia: Kingdom's First Female Olympic Athletes Called ‘Prostitutes’
24 Jul – Kenya: Javelin Throwing Olympian Trains Using YouTube
24 Jul – Gender Verification Policy Introduced at London 2012 Olympics
23 Jul – Peru: Gearing Up for the London 2012 Olympics
23 Jul – South Sudanese Marathoner to Compete Under Olympic Flag
20 Jul – Argentina: Falklands Olympics Video Sparks Controversy
20 Jul – Pre-Olympics 2012: What’s Buzzing
18 Jul – Zambia: More Officials Than Athletes Travel to London Olympics?
10 Jul – Africa: London 2012 Olympics – We Are Coming!
25 Jan – Ethiopia: How Netizens Reacted to Suspension of Athletes

Featured Global Voices Posts on the London 2012 Paralympics

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06 Sep – Oscar Pistorius and the Paralympic #Bladegate Controversy
03 Sep – 2012 Paralympics: A Successful Start, Remarkable Stories
31 Aug – Paralympic Games Kick Off in London


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