Global Voices in 2012

Global Voices in 2012

One last hurrah for 2012. Photo by Creativity103 on Flickr.

Happy New Year from Global Voices!

This year we've published 6,159 short and long posts in English by hundreds of volunteer authors that have been translated in more than 30 languages by hundreds of volunteer translators.

We've seen both successes and setbacks for online social movements, wars, injustice and tragedy – but also countless stories of human bravery and survival to give us high hopes for the future.

The world is talking. We thank you for listening!

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End of year reviews

In these posts, our authors and editors look back on 2012 in their regions.

African Voices of Hope and ChangeE-Books

A special selection of Global Voices stories from 2012 about Sub-Saharan Africa can be downloaded in our new e-book African Voices of Hope and Change (in PDF, ePub, and Mobipocket formats).

The best of our coverage of the EU economic crisis is featured in our previous e-book, Europe in Crisis (in PDF, ePub, and Mobipocket formats).