Climate Change 2007

Climate Change 2007 Global warming is already a life and death matter for many world citizens. Without new political solutions, the environmental crisis will grow beyond control. From 3-14 December representatives of more than 180 countries are meeting at a UN Summit in Bali, Indonesia to discuss a successor agreement to the Kyoto Protocol.

Environmental bloggers around the world share their experiences and views on the policies that make sense locally and globally.

Global Voices Timeline

Dec 14th – Environment: In Bali, an inconvenient proposal from the US
Dec 10 – Environment: Bali, Nuclear Energy & Green views from Africa
Dec 03 – Pre-conference views and first impressions of Bali
Dec 03 – Special Coverage: Climate Change 2007

Juliana Rotich is Global Voices’ Environment Editor.

Photo from Flickr user: Markus Vegas