Burmese protests 2007

sample image for this postDemocracy activists aligned with Buddhist monks led massive protests of civilians throughout the streets of Myanmar. Burmese bloggers and citizen media were the main source for images, videos and live reports, in a country where Western media has virtually no access.

Global Voices Timeline:

Global Voices authors linked and translated posts from Burmese blogs and citizen websites daily at the height of the protests. Burmese bloggers in Myanmar and abroad post news and information at great personal risk.

Oct 12 – News spreads of democracy activist's death
Oct 10 – Pro-regime newspaper discredits monks
Oct 02 – Rumors circulate about number of detainees
Oct 01 – Soldiers crack down on monks
Sep 29 – Prayer meets and support in neighbouring countries
Sep 28 – Japanese cameraman killed in Myanmar
Sep 28 – Internet blocked in Myanmar
Sep 28 – Soldiers back down in Mandalay
Sep 26 – Blog updates from street protests
Sep 24 – Tens of thousands join protest led by monks

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News media reports on Burmese bloggers:

Mainstream media journalists were frequently dependent on citizen media accounts and images for their reporting.

Oct 09 – Burma bloggers return as regime lifts blackout (Guardian)
Oct 04 – ‘Open-Source Politics’ Taps Facebook for Myanmar Protests (Wired)
Oct 03 – Burma's bloggers show power of citizen journalists (AlertNet)
Oct 01 – Burmese Blogger Uses Lightweight Messaging Service (Read/WriteWeb)
Oct 01 – Bloggers silenced as curbs bring internet blackout (Guardian)
Sep 28 – Scenes From a Revolution (Slate)
Sep 28 – Bloggers in Burma keep world informed (San Francisco Chronicle)
Sep 27 – Burmese Bloggers Get the Word Out (NY Times)
Sep 27 – Burmese Bloggers By-Pass Censors (Spiegel Online)
Sep 26 – Burma's cyber-dissidents (BBC)
Sep 26 – Burma bloggers keep one step ahead of junta (Guardian)


Burma Underground has created an YouTube playlist for video files relating to the recent events in Myanmar.


Myanmar (formerly Burma) is a military dictatorship. Pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. She has been under house arrest for more than a decade.

Wikipedia / 2007 Burmese anti-government protests:
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Aug 11 – Myanmar bloggers remember protests of 1988
Jun 20 – Birthday Wishes for Daw Aung San Suu Kyi

Citizen media campaigns of support

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