In 2021-2022, as part of our Civic Media Observatory research, Global Voices is running country-level Observatories focused on India, Turkey, Russia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nicaragua, and Mali, with a major focus on elections, violent conflict, nationalism, human rights and women's rights, and shifts in the post-Cold War international order. We assemble teams of local researchers with diverse language and analytics skills to identify and analyze emerging issues, narratives and trends in each country's information ecosystem.

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In order to access the reports, users will need to create an Airtable account linked to Global Voice’s workspace. Therefore, Global Voices will have access to e-mail addresses, but will not store this data. Read Airtable Terms of Service for more information. If you’d like a PDF version, please respond to this e-mail or send a message to

In each country, we focus on significant events in public life, and provide contextual and subtextual analysis to complex issues, to help partners, Global Voices contributors and readers understand the nuance and motivations for the narratives that frame public conversations.

Each week, we publish Undertones, a newsletter featuring insights from the Observatories. In each edition we analyze an event, emerging trend, or a complex story, identifying key narratives of urgent public interest, delving deep into the context and subtext of local, vernacular and multilingual media. Undertones also offers an entry point into the public datasets that underpin our Observatory work.

The 2021-2022 datasets are regularly synchronized and updated throughout our active research period.

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