Country Observatories 2020-2021

In 2020-2021, as part of our Civic Media Observatory research, Global Voices ran country-level Observatories focused on Bolivia, Brazil, Haiti, Venezuela, India, and Myanmar, with a major focus on elections and crises of legitimacy. For these projects, we assembled teams of local researchers with diverse language and analytics skills to identify and analyze emerging issues, narratives, and trends in each country's information ecosystem.

In each country, we focused on significant events in public life, and provided contextual and subtextual analysis to complex issues, to help partners, Global Voices contributors and readers understand the nuance and motivations for the narratives that frame public conversations.


We explored the crisis around the general elections in 2020, which provoked a coup and has resulted in a military dictatorship. We covered these events in three special coverage sections:

Read the Myanmar analysis.


We did extensive work on COVID-19, especially natural health and spiritual cures such as Ayurvedic healing and hydroxychloroquine cures. We covered Hindu nationalism and anti-Muslim bias, the decline of democratic institutions, the Farmer's Protests, and regional elections in Assam in March-April, 2021.

Read the India analysis.


We focused on the public disinformation crisis surrounding false and potentially dangerous COVID-19 cures. We also did extensive research on the general elections in October 2020, with an emphasis on racist narratives against Indigenous communities.

Read the Bolivia analysis.


We worked on conspiracy theories, populist and nationalist politics, COVID-19 controversies, especially the promotion of hydroxychloroquine as a cure and anti-China rhetoric.

Read the Brazil analysis.


We worked on December 2020 parliamentary elections, with an emphasis on the rhetoric coming out of expatriated Venezuelan communities and the influence of United States politics, and the humanitarian crisis surrounding Venezuelan refugees, combined with COVID-19 needs.

Read the Venezuela analysis.


In Haiti, we focused on crime and impunity, on topics such as police brutality, gang rivalries, human rights restrictions and infringements, human trafficking. We also looked at gender-based violence and LGBTQ+ rights.

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