· April, 2006

Stories about Chile from April, 2006

48 Missing Detainees Wrongly Identified

  27 April 2006

“Courtyard 29” is a communal grave place, located in the General Cemetery (ES) of the capital, Santiago. In 1991, 124 missing detainees from the Augusto Pinochet dictatorship, were found and 96 were identified. After 20 years, 96 families had the chance to properly bury their relatives. Last week, 10 years...

First Latin-American Blog Contest

  20 April 2006

Atina Chile(ES), a social action movement that promotes blogging in Chile, organize the blog contest “Atina Blog Awards”(ES). Anyone could inscribe, the only barrier was that they be written in Spanish. The categories include, Politics, Science and Technology, Design, Journalism, Arst and Culture, personal and Group Blog and special mention....

Chile: Hybrid Cars

  18 April 2006

Alejandra Noemi writes on El Rancahuaso, a citizen journalism site, that autos híbridos, or hybrid cars, have already hit the streets of Chile (ES).

Smog in Santiago

  11 April 2006

Photo by pura naturaleza Santiago is a very beautiful valley. The mountains are very impressive. That is, if you have the chance to see them. Smog is a permanent problem that has no solution yet. In winter, between May and August the situation is critical. We have three statuses for...

Chilean Inexplicable Traditions

  4 April 2006

Photo by nstark This is your first day in university. You feel all the expectations in your skin. You feel proud of your self because you passed the national test, which gives you the necessary points you need to apply for university. Everything is new: faces, places, conversations, smells, and...