Zymora Davinchi

Zymora Cleopatra Davinchi (she/ her) is an activist and Vermont Native. This Queer, mixed-race, Black Womxn, and Femme has exhibited work at the United Nations, Middlebury College, and Clemmons Family Farm. She has curated and facilitated multiple racial/social justice workshops for the Vermont-based nonprofit organization, The Peace and Justice Center. For whom, she spearheaded The Evolution of Black Beauty, an interactive, educational program, which was the first of its kind, made for and by self-identifying Black folks.

Zymora is now a first-generation undergraduate student at the University of Vermont, where she is studying in the field of Public Communication with a minor in Critical Race and Ethnic Studies. She currently works for a COVID-19 food response program called, ShiftMeals as their BIPOC Food Sovereignty Program Manager, and by extension, Vermont Everyone Eats. She's a member of the Vermont Legislative Social Equity Caucus and UVM College of Arts and Sciences Diversity Fellowship. Also, she published, Why Black People Will Lead the Food Sovereignty Revolution for the journalist outlet, Wear Your Voice Magazine.

She is passionate about all things relating to and impacting BIPOC folx and communities, especially from an intersectional perspective that takes into account class, gender, sexuality, and more. In her free time, she enjoys collecting vinyl records, visiting art museums, and drinking herbal tea.

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