A full time husband and father to a beautiful boy. Have been working as an educator teaching ESL at an All Girl High School. Love cooking and photography.

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Brunei's First Social Media Meet Up

  1 November 2011

Brunei's first social media conference successfully gathered the country's leading bloggers and netizens which showcased the prominent role of the internet in society. GV author Zul-Fadly was there to document the event and highlight the reactions of speakers and participants

Introducing Brunei's Most Popular Blogger

  27 June 2011

Meet RanoAdidas, Brunei's most popular blogger. His success as a blogger was recently celebrated even by the mainstream media. He proved that blogging is not only a potential source of income but a viable platform to influence many people as well.

Bieber Fever Hits Brunei

  10 May 2011

Justin Bieber had sold out concerts in several Southeast Asian countries but it seems he missed out Brunei. And this prompted Bieber fans in Brunei to use the Internet via Twitter, blogs, and YouTube to convince the singer to visit Brunei.

Brunei: Fake Bus Robbery Alerts Citizens

  10 May 2011

Last week, news of a bus robbery in Brunei spread fast on Twitter and Facebook. Residents immediately expressed their concern about the safety of public places in Brunei. Then it was discovered that the robbery was a fake. Netizens react to this issue.

Brunei: Twestival Unites Local Netizens

  18 April 2011

Brunei's first Twestival event gathered the country's leading bloggers and other netizens in support of the Child Development Centre, a group that provides assistance to children with special needs.