As an independent Sinophone writer based in Europe, I delve into diasporic and postcolonial writing, autoethnography, autofiction, travel writings, immigrant issues, and transnational politics, focusing on regions like Europe, China, and Hong Kong.

I left Hong Kong and Shenzhen in 2021 and, within two years, sojourned in three countries: Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic, pursuing an Erasmus Mundus Master’s degree in European studies.

When the full-scale invasion of Russia broke out, I spent months participating in different international NGO campaigns in Kraków to help the Ukrainian refugees and wrote stories about their exiles and struggles. I also wrote stories about Polish Women’s personal and collective fights against the right-wing ruling party’s anti-abortion law in their lives. Beyond that, my research interests are the civic participation of first-generation Chinese immigrants in Germany after COVID-19 and other crises. I am now working on a book draft, trying to combine my research, reportings, and personal life writings together.

Before coming to Europe, I was a journalist and an editor for Initium Media in Hong Kong since its start. I covered politics, culture, social issues, and the contemporary history of China, which was an important but also traumatizing experience.

I am currently writing a newsletter channel, Diasporic Letters.

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